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The City of Fresno’s ADU Program encourages the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by offering a selection of pre-approved plans to homeowners. The plans offer a variety of sizes and styles that will match the diversity of Fresno’s neighborhoods and the needs of households throughout the city. These plans can also be used to build small primary homes to help first-time buyers enter the housing market or assist those seeking to downsize.

Pre-Approved Plans

There are five pre-approved plans and three design elevations to choose from for each plan.

Visit the Permit Application page to learn how to apply for an ADU building permit using a pre-approved plan.

Pre-approved plans include plans for solar panels. Fire sprinklers may be required for ADU’s under certain circumstances.  These circumstances may be tied to the existing residence, for example when the primary residence is fire sprinklered, generally the ADU must also be fire sprinklered, or when the ADU will be too close to a property line or adjacent residence. In some cases, adding fire sprinklers to the ADU may be more cost effective than other forms of required fire protection.  For example, fire sprinklers are allowed to be installed as a substitute when the location has deficient fire department access or fire water supplies (including hydrant placement).  These items are addressed when the ADU pre-construction site (or plot) plans are submitted for review and approval.

Design Elevation Options

PLAN #1 | 23-TADU-001

Studio 1 bath | 20’ x 17’ | 340 sq. ft.

Plan #2 | 23-TADU-002

1 bed 1 bath | 30’ x 17’ | 499 sq. ft.

Plan #3  |  23-TADU-003

1 or 2 bed 1 bath | 25’ x 25’ | 625 sq. ft.

Plan #4  |  23-TADU-004

Plan #3 over garage | 1 or 2 bed 1 bath | 25’ x 25’ (33’ w/deck)

Plan #5  |  23-TADU-005

3 bed 2 bath | 41’ x 26’ | 1,015 sq. ft.

Permit Application Information

Permit Application Packet

Includes submittal instructions, Plan Check Submittal Requirements List, Example Plot Plan with Instructions, Property Owner Release and Waiver, and Permit Signature Affidavit

ADU Quick Start Guide

Visit the online application portal (Accela Citizen Access)

Tutorial Video

Watch a tutorial video on how to submit an ADU application online

ADU Guidebook and Other Resources

ADU & Small Homes Guidebook

Demystify the process of building your ADU or small home with this step-by-step guidebook

ADU Quick Start Guide

Download the brochure containing information about the City of Fresno Pre-Approved ADU Program

State of California ADU Handbook

View regulatory guidance from the State of California Department of Housing & Community Development

Pre-Approved ADU Cost Estimator

Download the cost estimator tool to help estimate the cost of constructing a pre-approved ADU.

Contact Information ( “ADU Hotline” )

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (559) 621-8077

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