City Clerk

Welcome to the City Clerk’s Office

The City Clerk and staff connects the public with local government by posting agendas, providing City Council support during City Council meetings, and creating minutes of the City Council meetings. We conform ordinances and resolutions, post them on the web for your convenience and safeguard the original documents. We maintain and update the Fresno Municipal Code. The City Clerk serves as the filing officer for Campaign Statements required to be filed by candidates in municipal elections and Statements of Economic Interests filed by public officials and designated employees.

City of Fresno 2016 Election Information
Services & Fees

Public Records $0.05 per page
Certification $0.50 per page
Microfilmed document $2.00 per page
FPPC Documents $0.10 per page

Council Transcripts
Proofread and certify copy provided by applicant
1/4 hr (or fraction thereof) $5.00
1 hour $20.00
*100% of estimated cost required in advance

1/4 hr (or fraction thereof) $5.00
1 hour $20.00

Council Tapes
Duplication by Applicant $7.00 per tape
Duplication by Staff $10.00 per tape
*Payment required in advance
*Blank tapes must be provided by applicant

Issuance of Proclamation
The Mayor and City Council are pleased to issue proclamations for many worthwhile community activities, events, and causes. However, all request for proclamations are subject to City approval. Because of the number of requests we receive, please allow a minimum of three weeks for processing and printing.

Complete the application:

Mail or deliver printed form to:
City Clerk’s Office
2600 Fresno Street, Room 2133
Fresno, CA 92721

To request presentation of Proclamation at a City Council meeting, contact the office of either the Mayor or your Councilmember.

Online Proclamation RequestProclamation Request Form
Council Residency Verification

The Council Residency Act was adopted to provide stricter and more detailed criteria for establishing a Council candidate’s residency in the Council district they are seeking office. The Act was also adopted to establish a Council Member’s’ residency in the districts they represent during their term in office. The Act also enhances compliance with existing Fresno City Charter Residency Requirements. To be eligible to hold office as a Council Member, a person must have been a resident of the Council District for which he/she is seeking office, for at least 30 days immediately preceding the filing of nomination papers for that office (Charter Section 304.1). The Residency Act became effective January 1, 2011. To ensure compliance with the 30 day residency requirement for candidates seeking a Council office and incumbents serving current terms, the Residency Act requires candidates and incumbents file specific documents with the City Clerk to verify their residency.

Council Residency Act
City of Fresno Charter Article III – Elective Officers

Council Members Verification for Calendar Year 2015

Oliver Baines III – District 3 Incumbent
Esmeralda Soria – District 1 Incumbent

Candidates Verification For Calendar Year 2016

Steve Brandau – District 2 Incumbent
Dana Bobbit – District 2 Candidate

Paul Caprioglio – District 4 Incumbent

Luis Chavez – District 5 Candidate
Jose Leon-Barraza – District 5 Candidate
Antonio ‘Tony’ Gastelum – District 5 Candidate
Keith Railey – District 5 Candidate

Garry Bredefeld – District 6 Candidate
Holly Carter – District 6 Candidate
Jeremy Pearce – District 6 Candidate
Carter Pope II – District 6 Candidate

FPPC Compliance

As of February 13, 2016, Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) regulation 18944.1 requires the city to post its ticket distribution policy and distribution reports (Form 802) to its website.  In accordance with the regulation, the ticket and skybox distribution policy for the City of Fresno has been posted below along with filed Form 802s (ticket / pass distribution reports).

Filed 802—Agency Report

City of Fresno Ticket and Skybox Policy

Form 801—Payment to Agency

City Attorney’s Office

City Manager’s Office

Development and Resource Management Department

Mayor’s Office

Executive Staff Contracts

Mayor’s Office

City Manager
City Manager – Bruce Rudd, 2017
Assistant City Manager – Wilma Quan-Schecter, 2017

Fire Department
Fire Chief – Kerri Donis, 2016

Independent Reviewer
Independent Reviewer – Richard Rasmussen, 2016

Information Services Department
Chief Information Officer – Bryon Horn, 2016

Police Department
Police Chief – Jerry P. Dyer – 2017

City Attorney
City Attorney – Douglas Sloan, 2016
Supervising Deputy City Attorney – Erica Camarena, 2017
Supervising Deputy City Attorney – Talia Kolluri, 2017
Chief Assistant City Attorney – Katherine Bradley Doerr, 2017
Chief Assistant City Attorney – Francine Kanne, 2017
Assistant City Attorney – Laurie Avedisian-Favini, 2017
Assistant City Attorney – Tina Griffin,  2017
Executive Assistant – Noemi Schwartz, 2017

City Clerk
City Clerk – Yvonne Spence, 2016

Airports Department
Director Of Aviation – Kevin Meikle, 2016

Development & Resource Management Department
Director DARM – Jennifer Clark, 2016

Department of Finance
Director Of Finance/Controller – Michael Lima, 2016

Transportation Department
Director Transportation – Brian Marshall, 2014

Public Works’ Department
Director Public Works – Scott Mozier, 2016

Public Utilities Department
Director Public Utilities – Thomas Esqueda, 2016
Assistant Director – Georgeanne White, 2016

Economic Development
Director Economic Development – Lawrence E. Westerlund, 2015

Personnel Department
Director of Personnel Services – Jeffrey T. Cardell – 2016

Redevelopment (Formerly RDA)
Director Redevelopment – Marlene Murphey, 2013