Welcome to the Finance Department

The service mission of the Finance Department is “ To provide quality municipal financial services to our customers through teamwork and trust – managing and optimizing the City’s financial affairs, and providing fiscal responsibility and accountability focused on the highest degree of customer service, honesty, and integrity.” This mission generates the standards under which the Finance Department functions. Those standards are defined and delivered using the three basic systems every department shares: its people, its physical assets, and its processes.

The Finance Department provides a wide range of comprehensive finance support services to the Mayor, the Fresno City Council, and all City departments. These services include accounting, financial administration and reporting, budgeting, internal audits, treasury/cash management, investments, payroll, billing and accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, reproduction and graphics, and business licenses and cashiering. Overall responsibility for management of the City’s finances rests with the Finance Director/Controller who also serves as the City Treasurer.

The Finance Department sets financial management standards and then monitors performance to ensure that these standards are met and that Council adopted budgets are adhered to. The Finance Department consists of six divisions:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Budget & Management Studies
  • Business License and Tax
  • Graphics & Reproduction Services (Central Printing)
  • Purchasing

Administration Division

The Administration Division is responsible for managing a variety of administrative operations and services to support the Department’s objectives, including fiscal coordination and financial policy development. The division is responsible for administering departmental policies and procedures, developing and implementing programs and services to meet the Department’s business needs, and serving as liaison to other City departments, other agencies and to facilitate problem resolution.

Accounting Division

The Financial Accounting Division is responsible for timely and accurate recording and reporting of financial results to the Mayor, the Council, internal City customers, other government agencies, as well as to the general public. The Division ensures that accounting transactions are in conformity with GAAP; evaluates municipal accounting issues; determines if disbursements legally comply with the adopted budget and develops pertinent data for the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The Division prepares specialized financial analysis for the City Council, Administration and all other Departments; produces reports for Federal/State/Local and other regulatory agencies, auditors, private sector financial entities and the citizenry; handles coordination of the accounting for Federal and/or State funded grants/projects; and administers the City’s cash management/investment functions as well as debt portfolio – treasury functions.

The Accounting Division ensures the financial integrity of the City by providing high-quality, cost-effective financial support services to its internal and external customers. In addition to financial reporting and grant coordination, the Division also processes payroll and accounts payable, services and collects housing loan payments and other amounts due the City. This division also assists in developing programs to promote more efficient use of resources, cost savings, and revenue enhancement opportunities.

Cash & Certificates of Deposits Held for Others

The City of Fresno Finance Department maintains a listing of all Cash Deposits and Certificates of Deposit being held by it on behalf of City Departments. These deposits relate to construction contracts, development agreements, performance guarantees, etc. These funds are held until such time as the project to which they relate has been completed to the satisfaction of the department to which the funds were initially given. It is only upon written request from the Department in charge of the project that the funds are released back to the owning department. All inquiries related to the status of the project and/or the monies being held should be addressed to the department noted next to each deposit on the lists below. The Finance Department has no access to this information.

The next update to these listings is anticipated to be published at the beginning of each month.

Cash Deposits Held

Certificates of Deposit Held

Documents can be made accessible in alternative ADA compliant formats upon request. To request documents in alternative ADA Compliant formats contact Tracy Gregory [email protected] or (559) 621-7076

Unclaimed Checks

The City of Fresno maintains a listing of all accounts payable checks that are at least six months old and have not been cashed. After three years, and at the end of a calendar year, unclaimed items in excess of $15 must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Fresno for two consecutive weeks. A sixty day period follows during which time individuals have the right to contact the City and claim the funds on deposit. Any funds that are not claimed become the property of the City of Fresno on the date stated in the published notice. The City Council may then transfer the money into the City’s General Fund in accordance with California Government Code Sections 50050 – 50053 and 50055. Below is a listing of checks that are at least six months old and have never been cashed, and have not yet been transferred to the City’s General Fund

If you are the legal payee, or legally have the authorization to represent the payee listed below, and would like to request a new check, please contact Accounts Payable at (559) 621-7037 or (559) 621-7040 or email [email protected] and request a Stop Payment Request form. Once the form is completed, the original received by Finance and approved by the Controller, a new check will be mailed within three weeks.

The next update to this listing is anticipated to be published at the beginning of each month.

Unclaimed Checks

Uncashed Utilities Refund Checks

Documents can be made accessible in alternative ADA compliant formats upon request. To request documents in alternative ADA compliant formats contact Lilly Banuelos at [email protected] or (559) 621-7071.

Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID)

Developed by the Fresno Convention and Visitors Bureau (FCVB), the Fresno – Clovis Tourism Business Improvement District (FCTBID) is a benefit assessment district proposed to help fund marketing and sales promotion efforts for Fresno and Clovis lodging businesses.

Location of the TBID Area
The FCTBID includes all lodging businesses (e.g., hotels, motels, and inns) located within the boundaries of the cities of Fresno and Clovis.

Services Provided
Marketing and sales promotions to increase tourism and to market Fresno and Clovis as tourist, meeting, and event destinations.

Annual assessment rates are 1 1/2% (one and one-half percent)  of gross short term (stays less than 31 consecutive days) room rental revenue on lodging businesses through December 31, 2020. Beginning on January 1, 2021, the annual assessment rate increases to 2% (two percent) of gross short term stays room rental on lodging businesses. Based on the benefit received, assessments will not be collected on stays of more than thirty (30) consecutive days, not on railroad crews, airline crews, or tax-exempt government employees on government business.

The FCTBID has a five-year life.  The FCTBID assessment was implemented beginning January 1, 2011, and was renewed on January 1, 2016.  Once per year beginning on the anniversary of the formation of the district there is a 30-day period in which owners paying more than 50% of the assessment may protest and terminate the district.

2014 Renewal to the Master District Plan
Management District Plan
TBID Boundary Map
Resolution of Approval
City Ordinance 2012-07: Administration & Collection