American Rescue Plan Act

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Executive Summary

The City of Fresno has allocated all State and Local Fiscal Recovery funding, also known as American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding.  All allocations are included in the expenditure categories below per ARPA guidelines and the US Treasury’s Final Rule that governs this program.  Allocations include funding infrastructure projects, Community Based Organization (CBO) programming, City of Fresno programming and COVID-19 mitigation expenses.  City Departments responsible for the implementation of programs/projects include:

  • City Attorney’s Office
  • Finance
  • Fire
  • Planning and Development
  • Police
  • Public Works
  • Public Utilities

In January 2023, the City of Fresno conducted an extensive Request For Proposals (RFP) process to allocate ARPA funding to Community Based Organizations based on proposed programming, economic impacts, community benefit and organizational need.  Organizations and program/project summaries for each project allocated to CBOs through the RFP process are listed below.

Community Based Organization Projects/Programs

Arte Americas – Property revitalization allowing for building and renovation improvements and enabling additional arts, exhibitions, and educational opportunities for the community.

Asian Business Institute Resource Center – Educational, technical, and financial assistance for small businesses and micro farms in the City of Fresno.

Boys and Girls Club – After school education and recreational programs for children in underserved neighborhoods in the City of Fresno

Breaking the Chains – Providing interim housing and support services for human trafficking victims.

Central Valley Children’s Services Network – Providing childcare vouchers to underserved families in need.

Centro La Familia – Providing financial relief assistance for low-income populations within the City of Fresno.

Exceptional Parents Unlimited – Providing early childhood intervention services for children with special needs.

Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation – Providing eviction protection for small businesses, small business assistance grants, resources for mobile food vendors, and façade improvements for brick and mortar businesses in the City of Fresno.

Fresno Metro Black Chamber – Providing business incubators and start-up or expansion assistance for entrepreneurs in the City of Fresno.

Fresno Metro Ministry – providing resources to contribute to infrastructure for the St. Rest + Food to Share Hub in Southwest Fresno.

Helping Others Pursue Excellence – Providing back-office support services for non-profit and low-income businesses in the City of Fresno.

Marjaree Mason Center – To support critical programs that provide access to safe shelter and support services for victims of domestic violence.

Neighborhood Industries – Providing workforce development training and wrap around service to help recipients gain employment.

SJV Manufacturing Alliance – Develop resources to grow manufacturing companies and prepare residents in our region for quality jobs.

Southwest Fresno Development Corporation – Providing homebuyer education, counseling, and support to promote homeownership in Southwest Fresno.

This website will be periodically updated over the course of the ARPA grant program.  This will include changes in allocation, progress on expenses and project completion information.

Promoting Equitable Outcomes

The City of Fresno aims to promote equity in underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected groups served by each program/project.

Expenditure CategoryAllocationExpense
 1.2-COVID-19 Testing $720,057.83$720,057.83
 1.5-Personal Protective Equipment $100,0000
 1.8-COVID-19 Assistance to Small Businesses $500,000$154,736.11
 1.11-Community Violence Interventions $950,000$73,564.70
 2.2-Household Assistance: Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Aid $873,8400
 2.10-Assistance to Unemployed or Underemployed Workers (e.g., job training, subsidized employment, employment supports or incentives) $1,578,040$873,099.95
 2.11-Healthy Childhood Environments: Child Care $1,000,0000  
 2.15-Long-term Housing Security: Affordable Housing $32,480,085.63$3,996,235.63
 2.16-Long-term Housing Security: Services for Unhoused Persons $238,616.11$238,616.11
 2.17-Housing Support: Housing Vouchers and Relocation Assistance for Disproportionately Impacted Communities $1,050,000$151,203.79
 2.18-Housing Support: Other Housing Assistance $13,122,500$12,862,696.02
 2.22-Strong Healthy Communities: Neighborhood Features that Promote Health and Safety $13,768,800$1,772,219.26
 2.23-Strong Healthy Communities Demolition and Rehabilitation of Properties $720,000$330,295.82
 2.29-Loans or Grants to Mitigate Financial Hardship $1,500,000$743,965.17
 2.30-Technical Assistance, Counseling, or Business Planning $500,000$480,464
 2.31-Rehabilitation of Commercial Properties or Other Improvements $1,500,000$163,942.74
 2.32-Business Incubators and Start-Up or Expansion Assistance $817,935.65$439,451.19
 2.33-Enhanced Support to Microbusinesses $3,500,000$208,464.88
 2.34-Assistance to Impacted Nonprofit Organizations (Impacted or Disproportionately Impacted) $2,194,120$986,516.72
 3.2-Public Sector Workforce: Rehiring Public Sector Staff $3,919,900$1,426,770.23
 3.3-Public Sector Workforce: Other $1,076,000$178,878.48
 6.1-Provision of Government Services $84,458,699.97$32,540,252.86
 7.1-Administrative Expenses $4,239,433.81$3,162.50
 Grand Total $170,808,029$58,344,593.99

Performance Reporting
Quarterly reporting is required for all projects and the table above will be updated on a quarterly basis to reflect cumulative expenses for the APRA program. An annual Recovery Plan will also be included on a yearly basis.

SLFRF Recovery Plan Performance Report June 30, 2022

SLFRF Recovery Plan Performance Report June 30, 2023