Neighborhood Watch

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The Neighborhood Watch Program is a successful effort that has been in effect for over thirty years. Crimes such as burglary, vandalism and mischief threaten every member of each community and crime watch efforts such as The Neighborhood Watch Program help discourage this type of activity.

There are thousands of neighborhood watch programs across the United States in which citizen’s work together to make their homes and communities less inviting targets for crime. Studies show that the Neighborhood Watch Program is one of the most effective and important anti-crime strategies in the country. Active participation between the public and law enforcement is an essential element in a successful neighborhood watch program. This is a cooperative effort of working together for the betterment of all our citizens and a safer community.

Many projects within a neighborhood watch program contribute to its success. Citizen patrols aid in the protection of the community as do security improvement projects. Additional lighting, the installation of locks, peepholes and alarm systems all help make the neighborhoods safer. Neighborhood Watch program’s success is based on the commitment of the public and the police department working together to observe, report and dissuade crime in the community. Residents not only take care of their own homes and businesses, but also those of their neighbors. By taking an active role in the protection of their families and possessions, residents are better able to discourage criminal activity and keep their neighborhoods safe.

The specific and primary purpose of the Fresno Police and Neighborhood watch is:

  • To become acquainted with your neighbors
  • To work together to identify and solve problems in your area of our community
  • To report “abnormal” activity in your neighborhood
  • To implement crime prevention techniques to enhance home security
  • Not to apprehend suspects, leave that to the police.
  • To work together for the betterment of living conditions for all residents of Fresno through participation in anti-crime and community activities

How Does Neighborhood Watch Work?

Neighborhood Watch works by having you and your neighbors use simple techniques to deter, delay and detect crime, and improve the quality of life for the neighborhood.  Being aware of criminal activity can help in keeping your neighborhood safe.

Fresno Neighborhood Watch

Helping create a safe, beautiful and healthy neighborhood. It is the mission of the Fresno Police and Neighborhood Watch Organization to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENGAGE residents to collaborate with one another and city agencies to improve the safety and quality of life for the people within our community.

Official Fresno Police & Neighborhood Watch website:

Get Involved

Joining a neighborhood watch program is as simple as locating one in your neighborhood and attending a meeting to express your interest in becoming a member. If your community does not have a neighborhood watch program in place, starting one is a relatively simple process.  Please reach out to one of the Community Services Officers in your assigned district to find out how you can get involved.

District Crime Prevention Contacts

Southwest Policing District
Community Services Officer Christina Hoemberg
[email protected]
(559) 621-6110

Central Policing District
Community Services Officer Danny Guzman
(559) 621-6244

Southeast Policing District
Community Services Officer Shaun Flores
[email protected]
(559) 621-6308

Northeast Policing District
Community Services Officer Josanna Ramer
[email protected]
(559) 621-6425

Northwest Policing District
Community Services Officer Marily Rendon
[email protected]
(559) 621-6530

To report an emergency, call 911

To report a non-emergency, call at (559) 621-7000 or report a crime online.