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UPDATE: Traffic is now flowing normally. Thank you, crews!

#TrafficAlert: City of Fresno crew are currently in the area of Shaw and Blackstone after a vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant.

Traffic is very slow near the intersection as crews work to fix the issue, expect delays.

Illegal dumping is a blight on our city, and it's up to John Luttrull and his team to combat it.

They utilize cameras around Fresno to identify and fine people who choose to dump illegally. Their work holds people accountable, reduces illegal dumping, and improves the appeal of our ...city! 🚮👏 #WeWorkForYou

To report illegal dumping, call 311 or click here: https://bit.ly/3SBvgE8

Come find out about changes underway in Southwest, Downtown, and Chinatown areas of Fresno. Learn about Transform Fresno projects and enjoy music, free food, face painting, and games for the kids! Transform Fresno

🗓️: Saturday, September. 24, 2022
⏰: 10AM - 12:30PM
📍 : ...Maxie L. Parks Community Center; 1802 E. California St.

#TransformFresno: The GRID Solar Collaborative Projects are focused on installing solar energy on 60 single-family homes in Southwest Fresno. Five multi-family buildings managed by Fresno Housing will also get solar panels installed. Fresno Housing

Learn more or apply: ...https://bit.ly/3S9az2w

In December 2021, Fresno Fire added three “squad” apparatuses, staffed with two firefighters, to serve in its busiest areas. Since then, these units have made a significant positive impact on the level of emergency services provided by the City of Fresno.

To illustrate, each of these ...squad companies has responded to an average of 168-235 emergency calls per month. Most of these calls have been medical emergencies, and the squad companies have absorbed roughly 20% of the emergency responses that would have previously been handled by a fire engine operating out of the same station. This reduces the amount of wear and tear on those larger and more expensive apparatuses, while at the same time freeing those engines up to respond to fire calls. 

Additionally, when squad units respond to fires, the Fresno Fire Department is able to assemble an effective firefighting force quicker, resulting in safer and more efficient fire ground operations. That is good news for both the people of Fresno and its firefighters. Fresno Fire Department

It’s wonderful to have the Central California Women’s Conference back in person!!! More than 3,000 people attended and had the opportunity to network, inspire and motivate each other. 👏🏼

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