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In existence for over 145 years, the Fresno Fire Department meets its challenges by virtue of its cohesive core values:  “Teamwork, Trust, and Commitment.”  There are an extraordinary pride and resiliency in the Fresno Fire family; all are motivated by a servant’s heart, fortifying, and serving their community.

With a firefighting force of 346 sworn personnel, the FFD enjoys a reputation for being hard-working, fast-moving, and dedicated to education and progressive training of its members.  The mission statement of the FFD is: To protect and put service above all else” and a strong sense of duty and commitment is needed to be a part of the FFD team.  You will “fight a lot of fire” in Fresno where the community demands the most from their firefighters; but know fighting fires is not all you will do, as this profession involves so much more!  Over 47,000 times each year our men and women respond to emergencies, with over 60 percent of those being medical in nature.

As the Fire Chief, one of my responsibilities is to cultivate the best in our members so I ask you to join us at Fresno Fire – your legacy awaits you here!

Kerri L. Donis Fire Chief

Kerri L. Donis, Fire Chief

Are you curious about employment as a Firefighter?

Firefighters have a servant’s heart, are team players, honest, dependable, and have a positive impact on the community. Firefighting is both physically and mentally demanding, requiring one to be physically fit, highly trained, motivated, and possess a strong work ethic. Our firefighters often volunteer or are involved in various community service projects off duty, as well.

Firefighter Brochure
Entry-Level Firefighter Background
Entry-Level Firefighter Fact Sheet – Minimum Requirements

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The Process

The testing process includes the following:

  • Preparation/Application
  • Written Exam
  • Oral Interview
  • Fire Chief interview
  • Extensive Background Check
  • Polygraph Exam
  • Medical Exam

We also offer a Ride-Along Program

If you are between the ages of 14 and 20, you may apply for our Fire Explorer Program.

Fresno Fire Department Town Hall Recruitment Webinar

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