Welcome to the Fresno Police Department

We are a team of dedicated public servants who care about the Fresno community and strive to serve with compassion, honesty, and respect.

The men and women of the Fresno Police Department are dedicated to serving our community with honesty, compassion, and respect as we keep our citizens safe. We do this by preventing citizens from becoming victims of crime or being injured in a traffic collision. This is our highest priority. We are also committed to providing excellent service in those areas that are valued most by our citizens. Above all else, we must maintain the trust of our community. This five letter word is the foundation of every law enforcement agency.

Trust is what gives our officers the authority to do their job and the legitimacy to police neighborhoods. This trust must be continually earned and should never be taken for granted.

A Foundation of Community Involvement

The Fresno Police Department strongly values its community partnerships, which include programs such as Crime Stoppers, “Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back to Life,” Neighborhood Watch, Citizens On Patrol, our Citizens Police Academies, Chief’s Advisory Board and the Youth Community Forums.