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The Fresno Police Department encourages every citizen to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their family, home and belongings. From neighborhood problems to identity theft, there are many issues that residents face on a daily basis and the information contained on these pages is designed to help you protect yourself.

The links above will lead you to a variety of tips and tools you can use to prevent crime, address a crime that has occurred and communicate on-going community issues to the police department. We encourage you to be a leader in your neighborhood! Read through this information and share it with your family, friends and neighbors.

Chief’s Message

Fresno Police Department’s 23rd Police Chief

Police Recruitment

Make your future great with Fresno PD

Report a Crime

Using our Police Online Reporting System

Records and Reports

Reports and records for the Fresno Police Department

Crime Prevention

Helpful crime prevention resources and strategies

Crime and Victim Resource Center

City resources available on this site

Employment and Volunteering

Nationally-recognized volunteer programs available

Frequently Asked Questions

Police Reports to vehicle-related questions

Police Contacts

Fresno Policing Districts Fresno has five policing districts.


High-speed emergency/community notification solution

Neighborhood Nuisances

Resources to Address Neighborhood Nuisances

Neighborhood Watch

Successful effort that has been in effect for over thirty years

Ride Along Program

Ride Along Program is now open and accepting applications

Services and Special Units

Specialized units and services support

CCW Permit

Concealed Weapons Permit Information