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We serve our community by exploring, developing, implementing and supporting effective and innovative use of technology through teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and accountability to our departmental partners. Responsibilities include planning, developing, implementing, and supporting the IT systems and networks throughout the City of Fresno.

About Us

The Information Services Department will be recognized and sought after as their first choice for a reliable and trusted source for Information Technology for the City of Fresno. Our customers will choose us as the “team of choice” for all of their Information Technology needs including expertise, planning, implementation, development, security and support.


  • Customer Service – establish and maintain partnerships with entities city-wide to create a city-wide support infrastructure for technology and telecommunications that will increase support and services to City of Fresno team members and constituents.
  • Networking Infrastructure – implement and maintain a high-speed, reliable and secure networking infrastructure that meets or exceeds the current and future requirements for the City of Fresno’s operations.
  • Application Infrastructure – establish and maintain an infrastructure that provides highly available and secure applications, information stores and web services.
  • Administration – increase efficiency and effectiveness of administrative tasks and financial responsibility through the implementation of technology and improved business processes.
  • Telecommunications – implement and maintain a reliable and secure telecommunications infrastructure to meet and exceed current and future requirements for the City of Fresno.
  • Project Management – develop, maintain and implement projects in a cost effective, timely and efficient manner.


The Information Services Department (ISD) is responsible for overseeing the use of Information Technology to support the goals and initiatives of the City of Fresno. ISD will ensure effective and efficient use of existing and emerging technologies in government operations as well as deliver information while safeguarding data. The Department is responsible for essential City functions such as:

  • Internal and external voice communications (including land lines, cell phones, microwave and two-way radios).
  • Network connectivity, disk storage, security, data integrity and data backup operations.
  • Internet connectivity and security.
  • E-Mail Communications.
  • Dissemination of essential information to the City and its customers through the City’s website.
  • Procuring and maintaining City hardware and software.
  • Providing HelpDesk services for IT related issues as well as desktop and server support.
  • Enterprise IT Project Management.
  • Developing and maintenance of enterprise applications.
  • Geographical Information Services (GIS).
  • Traffic Operations Center fiber infrastructure and web operations management.

The Department strives to provide the highest level of service to its customers through innovation and teamwork.


Administration Division is responsible for the financial aspects of the department including processing personnel information, budget creation and management and other administration functions.

Communications Division is responsible for telecommunications for the City of Fresno. This includes enterprise phone switching, T-1’s, cell phones, PDAs and other telecommunications activities.

Computer Services Division is responsible for network infrastructure, desktop support, HelpDesk, AS/400 Operations and Traffic Operations functions (IT based).

Systems and Applications Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of enterprise wide applications, data base administration functions and Web development and maintenance.

Geographical Information Systems Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of GIS systems.  Includes system services, map services, map layers and other data and special projects.

Geographic Information System – GIS

The Information Services Department acts as the main support resource for City’s Geographic Information Systems users. Along with daily maintenance of many of the City’s GIS layers, GIS staff act as a resource and support unit for other GIS development within the City.  ISD GIS staff also act as the primary liaison with the other regional GIS producers and users. ISD GIS staff produce many reports and maps and provide geospatial information to City Council Members, the City Managers office and other departments by request.

Services Provided

  • Interactive Mapping
  • Install, monitor and maintain the hardware, database, operating and application software, and toolsets on GIS servers
  • One-on-one training on the use of GIS tools to extract and analyze geographic data and produce products containing that data for use by the City and it’s citizens.
  • Perform special studies and spatial data analysis upon request.
  • Maintain annual software support agreements.
  • Setup of all user profiles and security.
  • Production of maps by request.
  • Loads data from other sources for use by the City, such as aerial photos, current Assessor Map pages, tract and parcel maps and data.
  • Create and maintain environments for testing GIS functionality and patches.
  • Development of query tools and application for on-screen GIS data validation.

Service Level Agreement

Service Levels
ISD provides service and support in a number of different applications and systems. Our service levels are broken down into six categories which include PeopleSoft, GIS, Specialized Applications, HTE/AS400, Network Support and Desktop Support.

The City of Fresno utilizes PeopleSoft Financials for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Asset Management, Project Costing and Billing functions. ISD is responsible for upgrades, maintenance, backup and uptime on a 24 hour basis.

Geographic Information Systems – GIS
ISD is the main support resource for Graphical Information Systems for the City of Fresno. As with other applications, we are responsible for the maintenance, implementation, and support of GIS. We are also involved in producing map requests, setting GIS standards and training as well as working with regional partners as part of a collaborative GIS effort.

Specialized Application
There are a number of specialized applications that require support and maintenance that generally fall under this category. These applications are either not enterprise-wide applications or they fall under the category of special use or could be departmental apps. These applications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • City-wide Website Development
  • Online Job Applications
  • Fleet Anywhere
  • MS2000
  • ProLaw
  • RecWare
  • Street Permits
  • Pension Gold
  • Brass
  • Click2Gov
  • ACT!
  • LMTF Website
  • Aerial Photo Mapping

SunGard Public Sector (formerly HTE)
The SunGard suite of applications is used for Land Management, Utility Customer Information and Billing, Planning and Zoning, Building Permits, Fire Permits, and Code Enforcement. The software is hosted remotely by SunGardPS, which provides maintenance, support, backup, disaster recovery, and upgrade services.

Network Support Services
ISD maintains, operates, supports, implements and secures the network infrastructure for the City of Fresno. This includes not only wireless (mesh and point-to-point) but also fiber as well. We are also responsible for the replacement of obsolete equipment, troubleshooting, repair and ensuring that we are utilizing the HTE is used for utility billing, Click2Gov and permitting applications. The application runs on an AS/400 platform in which ISD provides 24-hour support as well as maintenance, updates, operation services as well as backup and security.

Desktop Support Services
ISD provides desktop and printer support in the areas of acquisition, troubleshooting, repair, lifecycle management as well as asset management. Onsite desktop support is provided from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm and provides 24-hour support by paging services. This includes workstation troubleshooting and repair.

Headline TexEnterprise Catalog (SB272)

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City of Fresno Catalog of Enterprise Systems

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On October 11, 2015, the State of California enacted Senate Bill 272 (SB 272) which required local agencies to make publicly available a catalog of application software (“Enterprise System”) that is used enterprise wide.

Enterprise System
“Enterprise System,” as defined by Senate Bill 272 (SB272), is referred to as a system that “collects, exchanges, and analyzes information that the agency uses” in multiple departments and/or is an original data source.

For each agency’s Enterprise Systems the following is to be disclosed:

  • Current system vendor.
  • Current system product.
  • A brief statement of the system’s purpose.
  • A general description of the categories or types of data.
  • The department that serves as the primary custodian.
  • How frequently the data is collected.
  • How frequently the system data is updated.

Local agencies must disclose Enterprise Systems with the following exceptions:

  • Physical access control systems, including employee identification management, video monitoring and other physical control systems.
  • Infrastructure and mechanical control systems, including those that control or manage street lights, electrical, natural gas, or water or sewer functions. Systems related to 911 dispatch and operation or emergency services.
  • Systems that would be restricted from disclosure pursuant to Section 6254.19.
  • The specific records that the information system collects, exchanges, or analyzes.

In addition, the bill is not intended to “permit public access to records held by an agency to which access is otherwise restricted by statute or to alter the process for requesting public records.” If the public interest is served by not disclosing or is best served by disclosure of “system name, brief title, or identifier of the system,” then the agency may provide these brief details of the system.

All agencies are to complete this posting by July 1, 2016, and update annually.

The full text of the bill can be found here: SB 272

The City of Fresno’s Enterprise Catalog of Systems