Department of Public Utilities – Our Mission

We deliver high quality utility services professionally, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Providing Life’s Essential Services

Every time you turn on the water, flush the toilet, dispose of garbage, recycle a soda can, or do any number of other seemingly ordinary things around your house and yard, you are using the services provided by the City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities (DPU).

We are dedicated to preserving precious natural resources through recycling, timely collection of solid waste, responsible treatment of wastewater, and water conservation.

DPU is comprised of three utility services – Water, Wastewater Management, and Solid Waste Management.  With over 500 permanent employees, we are able to meet the water demands of more than 142,200 residential, commercial and industrial water customers; convey sewage from these customers to the Fresno-Clovis Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility; and collect solid waste and recyclables for over 119,000 residential solid waste customers.  

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About DPU

The Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is organized into three operating divisions: Water, Wastewater Management, and Solid Waste Management.  The Administration Division and Utilities Planning & Engineering Section provide support services for the operating divisions.  The Utilities Billing & Collection Division of the Finance Department is an extension of DPU, since they are directly responsible for the billing and collection of DPU’s fees and charges.  


The Department of Public Utilities strives to provide the highest level of service through innovative technology, extensive planning efforts, process improvement, employee development, and teamwork.  Overall, our mission is to deliver high-quality utility services in a professional, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner to ensure the health and safety of our community.

To achieve this mission, DPU is always looking for highly motivated and talented individuals with a wide variety of skill sets including – but not limited to – laborers, electricians, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, storekeepers, instrument specialists, accountants, management analysts, laboratory technicians, engineers, and more!

To see what opportunities are currently available in our department, or with the City of Fresno, please see the Jobs Postings on our Career Opportunities page.



The Water Division manages and operates the City of Fresno’s water system, delivering drinking water to more than 142,200 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in over 114 square miles of the city and many county islands within the City’s Sphere of Influence.


The Solid Waste Management Division ensures the preservation of our community’s environment through the collection of waste and recyclables for over 119,000 residential customers across 103 square miles in a professional, safe, and efficient manner.


Utilities Billing and Collection (UB&C) is a division of the City of Fresno Finance Department and is directly responsible for the billing and collection of the City of Fresno’s utilities fees and charges.


As a nationally recognized industry leader, the City of Fresno’s Wastewater Management Division provides high-quality wastewater collection, treatment, and reclamation services in a professional and competitive manner in order to preserve the environment and ensure the health, safety, and economic vitality of the community.


The Utilities Planning & Engineering Division support the operating divisions by designing and managing all capital improvement projects, reviewing water and wastewater facilities plans for new construction throughout the City, and coordinating with neighboring agencies for the beneficial management of environmental resources.

Utility Billing, Payment & Fees

Pay your bills online, in person, via phone, or via postal mail.

Trash, Disposal and Recycling

Delivering high quality utility services in an environmentally responsible manner

Rate-Setting Process

DPU is exploring a rate-setting process to reestablish the financial heath of the Solid Waste Management Division

Sewer & Wastewater

High quality wastewater collection, treatment and reclamation services

Water Division

Ensuring safe, reliable and affordable drinking water.

Water Conservation

Conservation and protection of our water supply


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History of DPU

DPU was officially created in January 7, 1992


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