City Clerk

Executive Staff Contracts

Executive Staff Contracts

Mayor’s Office
Chief of Staff – Kelli Furtado, 2023
Deputy Mayor – Matthew Grundy, 2023
Deputy Chief of Staff – Chris Montelongo, 2023
Communications Director – Sontaya Schmidt, 2023
Assistant Communications Director – Brandon Johansen, 2022
Assistant Director of Communications – Fabiola Ramirez, 2023

City Manager
City Manager – Georgeanne White, 2023
Assistant City Manager – Gregory Barfield, 2023
Assistant City Manager – Tamera J. Miller, 2022
Assistant City Manager – Ruth F. Quinto, 2022
Deputy City Manager – Jennifer Ruiz, 2022
Deputy City Manager – Alma Torres, 2023

Airports Department
Director of Aviation – Henry L. Thompson, 2023

Budget and Management Studies Department
Budget Director – Henry Fierro, 2022

City Attorney

City Attorney, Andrew Janz, 2022
Chief Assistant City Attorney – Erica Camarena, 2022
Assistant City Attorney, Talia Kolluri, 2022
Chief Assistant City Attorney, Raj Singh Badhesha, 2022
Supervising Deputy City Attorney – Christina Roberson, 2022
Assistant City Attorney, Travis Stokes, 2022
Supervising Deputy City Attorney, Brandon Collet, 2022
Supervising Deputy City Attorney, Tracy Parvanian, 2022
Senior Deputy City Attorney II, Mary Raterman-Doidge, 2022
Supervising Deputy City Attorney, Jennifer Deruosi, 2022
Senior Deputy City Attorney I, Amanda B. Freeman 2022
Senior Deputy City Attorney I, Kristi Costa, 2022
Senior Deputy City Attorney I, Jennifer Quintanilla, 2022
Chief Assistant City Attorney – Tina Griffin,  2022
Special Assistant City Attorney – Francine Kanne,  2022
Executive Assistant, Noemi Schwartz, 2022
Executive Assistant – Antonia Hunter, 2018
Executive Assistant, Natally Trevino, 2022
Executive Assistant, Christina Reed, 2022
Executive Assistant, Linda Reitz, 2022
Executive Assistant, Claudia Gabaldon, 2022
Executive Assistant, Dana Villines, 2022

City Clerk
City Clerk – Todd Stermer, 2021

City Council
Council District 6, Chief of Staff – Nicole Demera, 2017

Economic Development Department
Director of Economic Development, Lance Lippincott, 2022 

Department of Finance
Controller, Santino Danisi, 2022 

Fire Department
Fire Chief – Kerri Donis, 2022

General Services Department
Director of General Services, Brian Barr, 2022

Information Services Department
Chief Information Officer – Bryon Horn, 2022

Parks, After School, Recreation, and Community Services (PARCS)
Director of Parks, After School, Recreation, and Community Services, Aaron Aguirre, 2023

Personnel Department
Director of Personnel, Marissa Sanchez, 2022

Planning and Development Department
Director of Planning and Development – Jennifer Clark, 2022

Police Department
Police Chief, Juan F. Balderrama, 2023

Public Utilities Department
Director of Public Utilities, Brock Buche, 2022

Public Works’ Department
Director of Public Works – Scott Mozier, 2022

Redevelopment (Formerly RDA)
Director of Fresno Revitalization Corporation – Marlene Murphey, 2018

Transportation Department
Director of Transportation – Joe Vargas, 2022