Building and Safety

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Our valued residents and businesses frequently interface with the City of Fresno’s Building and Safety staff for building permits and inspections. Our team is here to serve you with clear protocols, improved technology, and the commitment to honor your time and budget. Through continuous training and staff development, our Building & Safety team is ready to advise, guide, and assist customers to achieve compliance, and work together to “Get to Yes!”

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Accela Citizen Access (ACA) Online Services Available 24/7

  • Create, Submit, & Search Applications
  • Obtain Application Status, Comments, & Due Dates
  • Submit Backcheck & Addendums
  • Schedule an Inspection
  • Access Invoices & Pay Fees
Accela Citizen Access

In-Person Services Provided

  • General information relating to construction, inspections, permits, etc.
  • Same day express permits for Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing.
  • General Zoning Inquiries • Zone Clearance Submittal
  • Information regarding California Disabled Access/ADA Requirements
  • Application Process Inquiries
  • Application Submittal Assistance & Public Document Review (Computers available for public use.)

Building Process

A straightforward approach identifying projects based on their complexity.

Activity Reports

Building Activity Reports for each year

Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection Services provides field inspections

Building Permit Center

Construction Inspection Services provides field inspections

Applications, Forms, Worksheets

Building Permit Applications, Forms and Worksheets

ADU Program

Encourages the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs)