Land Development

The Land Division and Engineering Section is responsible to administer the exaction, collection and record of development impact fees (UGM fees, sewer and water connection charges), process of lot line adjustments, voluntary parcel mergers, final maps and parcel maps for approval and recordation, impose public infrastructure and dedication requirements for building plan checks, maintain and update the GIS zoning layer, provide rezone exhibits, and provide technical assistance as requested by management.

Tentative Tract Maps

Although the City of Fresno does not require an application for the submittal of a tract map, there is a submittal checklist that identifies what needs to be included in the map.  Fees vary depending on the size of the proposed project.  Please contact the Planning Division for fees.

Tentative Tract Map Submittal Checklist

Tentative Tract Map Fees

Fees:  Please contact the Planning Dept. at (559) 621.8277

For additional information, contact:

Tentative Tract Maps:
Will Tackett

Final Tract Maps:
Jon Bartel

Tentative Parcel Maps

Similar to a Tentative Tract Map as described above, a Tentative Parcel Map is a process that subdivides property. However, unlike a Tentative Tract Map, Parcel Maps typically proposed four or less parcels or to create a unified commercial shopping center.

Tentative Parcel Map Application

Tentative Parcel Map Submittal Checklist

Fees: Tentative Parcel Map Filing Fees

For additional information, contact:

Tentative Parcel Maps:
Will Tackett

Final Parcel Maps:
Jon Bartel

Lot Line Adjustments

A Lot Line Adjustment allows an applicant to modify existing property lines under the following circumstances:

  • A Lot Line Adjustment may not affect more than four existing adjoining parcels;
  • A greater number of parcels may not be created (i.e. if three parcels existed, the resulting parcels may not exceed three);
  • The existing zone district and land use designation must be consistent; and,
  • All affected parcels must have been legally created.

For additional information, contact:

Jon Bartel

Voluntary Parcel Merger (VPM)

Voluntary Parcel Mergers permit the combining of parcels without going through the Parcel Map or Lot Line Adjustment process.
For additional information, contact:

Jon Bartel

Easement Encroachments Permit

Easement encroachment permits are requested whenever someone proposes to encroach into an easement with a structure, pool, etc.  Easements commonly include, public utilities (i.e. telephone, sewer, water), irrigation, flood control, etc.
Easement Encroachment Application

Fee:  $420.00

Community Facilities Districts


The City of Fresno, Public Works Department established the “City of Fresno Special Tax Financing Law” per the California Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 to allow for the establishment of a new or annexation into an existing Community Facilities Districts (CFD) to provide financing for the maintenance and operations of certain required public infrastructure within new developments.  The landowner(s) of new developments shall be responsible for providing for the maintenance of certain public infrastructure within new developments.

The landowner(s) may choose the formation of, or annexation into, a CFD for either partial or all of the financing for the maintenance and servicing of certain public improvements OR the landowner shall provide for the maintenance and servicing in a manner approved by the City of Fresno, Public Works Department, City Engineer.

The following is given, as guidance, for the CFD process: