City Compensation Data

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City Compensation Data

This page has been created to provide the public with full access to information about salaries and other compensation paid to the City of Fresno workforce.

Our employees work hard to serve Fresno and, in return, we are all appreciative of the support we receive from the community. Consistent with the Fresno City Council approved “Transparency Act”, Mayor Ashley Swearengin directed this web page be maintained to simplify the public’s access to this information.

Executive Contracts 

CY 2022

  • Article IV – Consultant Disclosure
    • CY 22 Consultant Over 50,000 (Coming Soon)
    • CY 22 Consultant Under 50,000 (Coming Soon)

CY 2021

CY 2020

CY 2019

CY 2018

CY 2017

CY 2016