Mike Mooneyham

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Mike Mooneyham! He’s a Licensed Professional Engineer with the Capital Projects Department, and he’s the project manager on several big projects in Fresno – including multiple upcoming fire stations and the highly-anticipated Senior Activity Center! He says he’s happy to play a role in these impactful projects that benefit our departments […]

Carmela Gonzales

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Carmela Gonzales! She works in the Teletype unit at the Fresno Police Department, where she and her teammates enter critical information into databases that are shared with other agencies. Sharing that information helps the department broaden its search and can help solve stolen vehicle cases, missing person cases, and much more. She […]

Cliff Hogg

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Cliff Hogg! He’s a Chief Surveyor in Capital Projects/Construction Management. He oversees the field survey crews that go out and collect data for future development – when they bring that data back, Cliff puts it all together in a map program that’s sent off for design. […]

Bob Little

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Bob Little! He’s a Water System Supervisor who’s been with the City of Fresno since 1987 – he and his team perform the vital role of monitoring and managing the nearly 300 well sites that help deliver water to City of Fresno customers. Bob and his […]

Joshua Garcia

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Joshua Garcia! He’s a Community Revitalization Specialist with Code Enforcement – and he’s focused on vacant lots around the city. If vacant lots aren’t taken care of, weeds and brush can grow quickly and become fire hazards, so Joshua works with property owners to make sure […]

Joseph Wheelock

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Joseph Wheelock! He’s a Programmer/Analyst IV in the Information Services Department, where he serves as the Salesforce expert for the City. Salesforce is a software program being utilized by the City in numerous ways, namely in the new and improved FresGO/311 system and for signups for […]

Joseph Garcia

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Joseph Garcia! He’s a Cadet with the Fresno Police Department, and his latest assignment was with the graffiti task force. He’s been helping the team by booking evidence, filing police reports, and helping to identify prolific offenders – and it’s been paying off. Last week, it […]

Blaze Glazebrook

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Blake Glazebrook! He’s a firefighter at Station 3 in Downtown Fresno. Blake has been serving his community his entire adult life – he joined the Air National Guard straight out of high school and still serves there in a part-time role while fighting fires in Fresno. […]

Mike Murphy

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Mike Murphy! Mike is a Park Ranger in the northeast sector, where he provides information, education, and general assistance to parkgoers at City parks – including Woodward! Mike says this job gives him the opportunity to meet people he wouldn’t normally meet, which is something he […]