We Work For You: Nancy Her

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Nancy Her! She’s an emergency services dispatcher with the Fresno Police Department, where she takes 911 calls and dispatches officers to emergencies. She’s been with the department for 17 years and, as a Fresno native, she says that she takes every call with the mindset that […]

We Work For You: Chris Quinonez

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Chris Quinonez! Chris is on the “thermo crew” with Public Works. He and his team use thermoplastic to paint crosswalks around Fresno. It gets heated up to 400 degrees before being applied and leads to a more reflective, longer-lasting crosswalk – something that’s super important as […]

We Work For You: Chris Murillo

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Chris Murillo! Chris has spent the last 23 years serving in the California Army National Guard, and now he’s serving the Fresno community as a Crime Scene Technician with the Fresno Police Department! He’ll be retiring from military service this year, but says that everything he […]

We Work For You: Jarred Garza

This week on ‘We Work For You’, we’re highlighting Jarred Garza! Jarred is a Project Manager in the Airports Division and oversees various projects from start to finish – including the Terminal Expansion Project, which broke ground earlier this year! He uses the skills he’s learned over 19 years with the City of Fresno to […]

We Work For You: Aaron Miller

This weekend, Beautify Fresno volunteers collected nearly 13,250 pounds of trash around Fresno – so who picks it all up after it’s collected? Aaron Miller and his teammates do! 🚛💚 Volunteers place the trash in piles, then Aaron and his team load them up and take them away. It’s a system of teamwork that leads […]

We Work For You: Jesse Lopez

Operation Clean Up gives Fresno residents the chance to get rid of bulky items without leaving their homes. Fresno DPU crews come to pick them up, and Jesse Lopez is always right behind them! He follows along in a street sweeper to make sure your curb is squeaky clean! 🧹 To see when the Operation […]

We Work For You: Sara Hamilton

More than 500 kids have attended Camp Fresno so far this summer – completely free of charge – and that can’t happen without Sara Hamilton and her team! ⛺️ Sara is a program manager with PARCS and says Camp Fresno gives kids a chance to experience nature, make friends, and be themselves. Thank you for […]

We Work For You: Su Fang

The Solid Waste Division of the Department Public Utilities features 130+ employees, 119,000 customers, and residential drivers who travel nearly a million miles each year – and Su Fang oversees it all. After coming to America from Laos, Su started as a laborer with the City 27 years ago and worked his way up to […]