Mayor Brand Statement on the Retirement of Fresno Bee Editor Jim Boren

Mayor Lee Brand released the following statement on the retirement today of longtime Fresno Bee editor Jim Boren:

“Jim Boren is a rare breed: a career journalist who started work at his hometown newspaper as a cub reporter — and never left.  Instead of hopping newspapers in an attempt to reach a major metropolitan daily, Jim stayed local and became an expert in all things Fresno, knowing his city like few do.   

“This deep knowledge benefitted readers, not only because the vast web of sources that Jim developed allowed him to write more thorough and authoritative stories, but also because as a hometown boy, his reporting was always done with a sense of place, a love of city, and desire to see it be made better. If Jim took a politician to task, it wasn’t for a portfolio clip, it was to make Fresno better.

“As such, Jim’s departure is a huge loss for Fresno. The good news is that Jim isn’t going too far. The Bee’s loss is Fresno State’s gain, as he will use his retirement to mold the next generation of journalists. It is often said of veterans like Jim that ‘they don’t make them like that anymore.’ But I think Jim will use his deep well of journalistic knowledge to do just that — help create a new generation of journalists that know how to be tough but fair, and be dedicated not only to craft but also to the communities they work in.

“On a personal note, I appreciate Jim’s willingness to take my calls and discuss local issues, regardless of their importance, with intelligence and grace.”