Applications, Forms & Fees

Fees & Determining Level of Project Review

Below is a consolidated fee list outlining Planning entitlement fees pursuant to the Master Fee Schedule.  The Full Fee Schedule is also provided below.

To determine the level of review for a proposed project please complete the questions provided in the Application Determination Tool linked below.  In order to use this tool you will need to know the proposed business or use, whether it was legally established, and the zone district of the property you are interested in.  The Department has established a policy for amending previously approved entitlements to assist the Public in determining the level of review, materials to be submitted, and the appropriate fee to be paid for amendments to Development Permits and Conditional Use Permits.   To view the policy, select the link below for Amending Previously Approved Entitlements.

Application Submittal Completeness Checklists

The following are Checklists that will be used to determine if a planning department submittal is deemed COMPLETE FOR REVIEW per the Money Back Guarantee Ordinance 2009-003 adopted by City Council on February 14, 2019.

Concurrent Submittal

Submittal of a building permit application concurrent with a planning entitlement application now requires the property owner, the architect/engineer, and contractor (optional) to sign a Concurrent Submittal Acknowledgement of Risk prior to receiving Planning’s okay to submit for building permits. Please provide this signed form at the Planning counter or upload the signed copy to your planning entitlement application on Fresno FAASTER prior to submitting the building permit application.


A pre-application is a process required prior to project submittal for most projects.  This process is done by the Development Review Committee (DRC), which provides preliminary reviews for projects.  At the DRC meeting, the developer meets with staff members comprised of all the reviewing departments to collaboratively discuss the application and receive concise and thorough feedback.  The DRC meets every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  There is no fee required for this preliminary review.  For additional information please contact Alondra Williams at

To schedule a pre-application meeting, please submit your application through our online citizen portal: Fresno FAASTER.

Zone Clearance

A Zone Clearance (ZC) is required to verify that each new or expanded use or structure complies with all of the applicable requirements of the Fresno Municipal Code and with any applicable policies and standards of the Fresno General Plan and any operative plans. A ZC is also required to confirm that the establishment of a new use is permitted as a matter of right and that no Conditional Use Permit or other entitlements are required prior to securing a tax certificate and commencing operation. To determine if your project qualifies for a Zone Clearance, please review the Zone Clearance Process document below.

Cottage Food Operation (CFO): A CFO is permitted as a home occupation; therefore, a Home Occupation ZC is required.. The applicant is required to fill out the Home Occupation ZC form and bring a hard copy to the Development Services Division public counter (2600 Fresno Street, 3rd Floor). Once Development Services staff signs the ZC the applicant shall continue the process and obtain their Business Tax Certificate from the Business Tax Division on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. The CFO applicant shall provide the Fresno County Health Department with a copy of the approved ZC.

For additional information please call (559) 621-8277.

To submit a Zone Clearance application, please submit your application through our online citizen portal: Fresno FAASTER.

Plan Amendments

Plan Amendments are required whenever there is a proposed planned land use change. All plan amendment applications are considered by the Planning Commission and City Council. For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at

(note that a Traffic Impact Study is required for all Plan Amendment applications)


Rezone Applications

Rezone applications are required whenever there is a proposed zone district change. All rezone applications are considered by the Planning Commission and City Council. For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at


Conditional Use Permit Applications (CUP)

A Conditional Use Permit application is required whenever a use is proposed that requires a CUP as outlined in the Zoning Ordinance.  CUP applications are reviewed by Planning staff and are only considered by the Planning Commission or City Council by appeal.  For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at


Cell Towers

A Conditional Use Permit Application is required for all cell towers.

Development Permit Applications (DP)

Development Permit Applications are required for all new structures, with the exception of single family residences.  For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at


Variance Applications

A Variance application is a request to modify property development standards due to special circumstances. Note, variances are not granted for uses (i.e. to operate a commercial use in a residential district), rather they are simply for development standards (i.e. setbacks, height, open space, etc.).

For additional information, please contact Mike Sanchez at


Planned Development Permit

A Planned Development Permit establishes minimum thresholds for Planned Developments.  More specifically a Planned Development Permit applies to:

  1. Establish a procedure for development on large areas of land and infill sites in order to allow for projects that desire greater flexibility than already provided for in the Development Code.
  2. Promote variety and avoid monotony in developments by allowing greater freedom in selecting the means to provide access, light, open space, and amenities.
  3. Facilitate the assembly of properties that might otherwise be developed in unrelated increments to the detriment of surrounding neighborhoods.

For additional information regarding Planned Development Permits, please visit Article 59 of the Fresno Municipal Code.  The Planned Development Permit Supplication Application is required as part of the project submittal.

Minor Deviation Applications

A Minor Deviation is a request to modify property development standards by no more than 10 percent. For example, if the required side yard setback is five feet, an applicant may request a 10 percent deviation which would allow the applicant to encroach six inches into the required side yard.

Home Occupations

A home occupation is a use conducted entirely within a dwelling and carried on by the inhabitants, which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the structure for dwelling purposes and does not change the character of the home. A Zone Clearance is required for a home occupation.  A tax certificate (business license) is also required.  Refer to the Zone Clearance tab for additional information.

To submit a Zone Clearance, please submit your application through our online citizen portal: Fresno FAASTER.

Fee: $27

Zoning Inquiry

A Zoning Inquiry is a request for a formal response by the Planning Division for a set of specific questions including property zoning, conformity of a use to the Fresno Municipal Code, and the ability to rebuild the present use on the site.   For additional information regarding this application type please contact McKencie Perez, Supervising Planner at

To submit a Zoning Inquiry, please submit your application through our online citizen portal: Fresno FAASTER.

Sign Review

Signs shall be reviewed and approved by the Planning Division staff prior to obtaining a building permit.  Sign applications shall be submitted at the Planning Public Counter.  For sign regulations visit Article 26 (Signs) of the Fresno Municipal Code.

To submit for a Planning Sign Review, please submit your application through our online citizen portal: Fresno FAASTER.

Fee for Sign Review with a Master Sign Program: $182
Fee for Sign Review without a Master Sign Program: $318
Banner Permit: $182

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, a Major Revised Exhibit – Development Permit is required.  Please review the handout below to determine the items required for submittal.    The handout also provides examples of information required on the site plan.  Once you obtain approval from the Planning Division and comply with the conditions, submit plans to the Building Division for building permits.