Welcome to City of Fresno’s Parking Division

The Parking Division provides management of the City’s on-street and off-street parking resources. In addition to actively managed on-street parking timed zones, there are over 2,000 metered parking spaces. The off-street system includes eleven facilities with a total of nearly 4,200 parking spaces.

We serve our community by preserving and promoting quality neighborhoods via parking regulations such as vehicles blocking sidewalks, commercial vehicles in residential areas, and immobilized vehicles.

The City of Fresno’s Parking Division provides information regarding downtown parking, parking citations, parking meters, parking permits, and other parking-related inquiries. Frequently searched topics include:

Requests for service and suggestions may be submitted with the FresGo app for items such as abandoned vehicles, boats, RV’s, trailers, and semi-trucks.

We are available by phone or in person Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except City holidays.

Parking Meters

Most parking meters are enforced from 6am-6pm Monday through Friday.

Some parking meters are enforced until 10 pm, seven days a week, when an event is taking place at the Stadium, Selland Arena, Saroyan Theatre, or Convention Center. Decals on the meter identify this event-specific requirement. Information on downtown event parking.

There are approximately 2,000 parking meters in downtown Fresno in time increments from 30 minutes to 10 hours. Meters are $1.00 or $1.50 per hour depending on the location. Meters are not enforced on the City of Fresno observed holidays.

Meter Occupancy Permit

The Parking Division offers a monthly permit valid for use at any City of Fresno parking meter, regardless of the posted time limit. The permit is a hangtag and can be shared by office staff, attorneys, or couriers. It is also ideal for those who make multiple stops downtown or stay for extended time periods. The permit is $159.00 per month. Contact (559) 621-PARK (7275) for more information.

Report a Faulty Parking Meter

You may report a faulty parking meter via the FresGO app or by calling (559) 621-PARK (7275).

Residential Permits

Residential Parking Districts
A Residential Parking District is a preferential parking area, next to a major parking attractor like a school, event venue, hospital, or government agency, where a special permit is required to park on the public street.

Signs in the Parking District will indicate the dates and times that the road is subject to enforcement. Each vehicle must have a permit displayed to be on-street during the applicable time periods. Those with DMV issued handicap placards and disabled license plates are exempt.

Parking Districts are created through the legal process outlined in the Fresno Municipal Code. Approval requires a certified petition of at least 50% of the homeowners on each block face, a public hearing, the approval of City Council, and significant monetary resources. If you are facing a parking issue due to heavy vehicle traffic on your street, contact your Councilmember to see what options are available.

How to Obtain a Parking Permit
Each eligible property may obtain ONE complementary parking permit per residence. To obtain the free permit, a residency document such as a lease agreement, PG&E statement, City utility bill, or property tax bill must be provided along with a matching photo ID.

Up to three additional permits may be purchased for $19.00 each with a current vehicle registration that matches the address of the residence.

If you are a renter, a student on a short-term lease, or a roommate with no aforementioned document, please contact the Parking Division at (559) 621-PARK (7275) for specific instructions on how to obtain your permit.

How to Receive a Parking Permit


Please have the following information and items ready before you begin:

  • California Driver’s License, Identification Card, or other photo ID
  • Email address
  • Lease agreement, utility bill or property tax bill
  • Vehicle registration on each vehicle in which you are requesting an additional permit

Access and select the “click here to register” button to create a new user account.

To begin creating your new user account, you will first be required to enter your current residence address.

  • Sample address format: 675 W Main Street
  • As you enter your address a list of addresses will appear in the drop-down box
  • Select your address

Please read the instructions carefully to ensure your information is submitted properly. You will be taken through the following steps:

  1. Upload ID and Lease agreement, utility bill or property tax bill
  2. Enter vehicle information and upload vehicle registration
  3. Review and submit your request

Your request for parking permits will not be processed until you click the “Submit” button. After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email indicating your request for parking permits has either been approved or rejected. If approved, the permits will be sent via US Mail.

By Mail: Submit the completed form with photocopies of the required documentation and payment (if applicable) via check or money order to the address below. Allow two weeks for mailed permit processing.
City of Fresno Parking Division
2600 Fresno Street, Room 4019
Fresno, CA 93721

Residential Parking Application – English
Residential Parking Application – Spanish

Residential Parking FAQ – English
Residential Parking FAQ – Spanish

Contact our office with any questions
(559) 621-PARK (7275)

We accept cash, check, money order, or Visa/Mastercard/American Express for additional permits

Downtown Permits

If you are interested in purchasing monthly parking, please contact ACE Parking at (559) 264-2425 or visit their website. Permits are $75 per month for surface lots or $90 per month for parking structures.

Specialty Permits
Specialty permits such as alley or construction permits or visitor permits must be approved and purchased through Parking Division. Please call (559) 621-PARK (7275) or email for more information.

If you are a City of Fresno employee, where you park and how much you pay is determined by your work location, shift, permanent or temporary status, and your MOU. Inquire with your hiring point of contact or the Parking Division office at (559) 621-PARK (7275) for more information.

Stadium Parking

Parking meters are enforced until 10 pm during stadium events 7 days a week, excluding City holidays.

Garages and Lots
There are a number of City-Operated off-street parking facilities available during stadium events. All city operated off-street parking facilities accept credit card payment, even during events!

Parking Garage 4, located at 1919 Tulare Street, is best accessed by approaching from westbound Tulare Street. It will be on your right.

The Underground Garage, located at 1077 Van Ness Avenue, is best accessed by approaching from westbound Tulare Street. You will veer right toward Courthouse Park just before Van Ness Avenue.

Parking rates vary from $7 for Grizzlies games, $10 for Fresno FC matches and other events, and $25 for concerts and international soccer events. The 2-hour meters in the Stadium and Convention Center areas become 4-hour meters after 6 pm so they can be utilized during special events. Meters in the event areas that require payment during events bear decals on both sides indicating when they are enforced.

Selland Arena, Saroyan Theater & Convention Center Parking

Parking meters are enforced until 10 pm during stadium events 7 days a week, excluding City holidays.

These facilities are served by the City-owned surface lot and a 5-level parking structure located at 707 O Street. A number of private lots and structures are also available nearby.

Parking rates vary from $7 to $10 during events, paid upon entry.

All city operated off-street parking facilities accept credit card payment, even during events!

Parking Validations

Businesses on the Fulton Mall offer parking validation for Mall specific lots and garages in the area. Validations are not good for metered parking stalls. Check with your local mall vendor to see what they provide.

Where to Park for Validation

The parking rate at City-operated lots and garages is $3.00 for the first hour and $1.00 each additional hour. The daily maximum is $9.00. The facilities closest to the Fulton Mall are free after 6 pm and weekends unless there is an event taking place at Chukchansi Park.

Parking validation is good at Spiral Garage #7 at Inyo and Van Ness, underground garage #8 underneath the mall, open-air Garage #4 at Fulton and Tulare, and Lot 2 (Broadway/Tuolumne) when stalls are available.

View more information about these lots and their locations.

Downtown Business and Event Services

There are a number of resources for downtown businesses including reduced price validation stamps, special event parking accommodations, and special event rates.


If you are a downtown business interested in purchasing reduced price validation stamps, contact ACE Parking online or at (559) 264-2425 or stop by their office at 1228 P Street, Suite 103, near Fresno and P Street.

Special Event

The City of Fresno Master Fee Schedule also allows for discounted parking at City parking facilities for events in the downtown area based on the venue or number of attendees. Contact (559) 621-PARK (7275) to see if your event qualifies.

Event Rates

Parking rates vary from $7 for Grizzlies games, $10 for Fresno FC matches and other events, and $25 for concerts and international soccer events. All city operated off-street parking facilities accept credit card payment, even during events!

Meter Closures

Specialty permits such as alley or construction permits or visitor permits must be approved and purchased through Parking Division at City Hall. See Specialty Permits on Downtown Permits page.

Parking Citations

Parking citations are issued for violations of Fresno Municipal Code or California Vehicle Code.

Parking citations can be appealed within 21 days of issuance or 14 days from the mailing of reminder notice, whichever is greater and must be submitted in writing or online at

The online appeal portal allows you to attach photos or supporting documentation for your appeal.

Disabled Person placard violation – Special Instructions

If you received a citation but have a valid placard, present copies of your placard (if applicable), Disabled Person Placard Identification Card/ Receipt, and your photo ID for verification. There is an $25.00 administrative fee.

Abandoned Vehicles

The Parking Division handles abandoned vehicle abatement on public streets within city limits. The reporting party must suspect that the vehicle is inoperable due to extended periods of non-movement, a flat tire or missing windshield, the growth of weeds or collection of trash under the vehicle, or other identifying markers.

When reporting an abandoned vehicle, please provide:
License Plate
Closest physical address
Reason vehicle appears abandoned

The initial inspection can take up to 10 business days due to the volume of calls our division receives. In cases where inoperability cannot be confirmed, the tires of the vehicle will be chalked and a 72-hour notice will be left. If the vehicle does not move from the chalked area within the designated time it is subject to be cited or towed. We do not tow on weekends or holidays.

Use of the public street for parking recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, trailers, or boats requires that these vehicles move one thousand feet every 24 hours or they are considered abandoned as well. To avoid having your recreational vehicle tagged and possibly towed, store it at a private facility.

To report an abandoned vehicle, please call (559) 621-2489 or use FresGo to report the vehicle.

72 Hour On-Street Parking Ordinance

Regardless of whether or not there is any sign posted, the City’s Municipal Code does not allow a vehicle to be parked on a city street for longer than 72 hours.  Move your vehicle off the blockface at least once every 72 hours.  If you are going on vacation, find off street parking or leave your keys with a trusted neighbor to check your vehicle and move it as needed.

Because parking restrictions on any street can change with 24-hour notice for such things as emergency utility work, cleaning or a special event, people should check for temporary signage every day. Vehicles must be moved by the time indicated or drivers may receive a citation and their vehicle may be towed and impounded.

Notice On Vehicle

Local ordinances state that storing your vehicle on a City street is prohibited beyond the stated time limits. Your tires will be chalked and a notice will be left, giving you the opportunity to drive your vehicle 1/10th of a mile or move it to another location to confirm the vehicle is operable and not being stored on the street. Your vehicle may be towed if you do not comply. To receive more information, call the office at (559) 621-PARK (7275).

Be advised that the Fresno Police Department also enforces the 72-hour and 24-hour regulations and we may not be able to grant you an extension if we did not issue the original notice.

Vehicle Tow and Boot Information

Parking Division tows vehicles for expired registration over 6 months (CVC22651(O)(1)(A)), 72 hour violations (FMC14-1006), 24 hour violations (FMC (14-1006), inoperability (CVC22669(d)), or for having 5 or more delinquent parking citations (CVC 22651(i)(1)). A vehicle may be towed for blocking the entrance to a driveway (CVC 22651(d)) or for parking in tow-away zones or red curbs (FMC 14-1004).

Towing Requests

Although some vehicles might be unsightly, this does not necessarily mean they are eligible for immediate tow pursuant to California Vehicle Code or Fresno Municipal Code.

You may report a vehicle using the FresGO app, or by calling 311. Please have ready some basic information such as vehicle make, color, license plate, closest street address, and the reason for the request. Parking Division staff will inspect vehicles in the order received and update the status in FresGO. The vehicle may be towed or chalked and marked with a 72 or 24 hour noticed, depending on the possible violation.

Pursuant California Vehicle Code 22669(d) vehicles are eligible for immediate tow if they are immobilized “which lack an engine, transmission, wheels, tires, doors, windshield, or any other part or equipment necessary to operate safely on the highways of this state, are hereby declared a hazard to public health, safety, and welfare…

Blocked Driveways

If a vehicle is blocking your driveway, California Vehicle Code 22651(d) only allows the Parking Division to cite or tow the vehicle if it is preventing a vehicle from entering or exiting. If this is occurring, they may contact us at (559) 621-PARK (7275) or the Fresno 311 at (559) 621-CITY (2489).

Vehicle Boot

Under the California Vehicle Code, a vehicle with 5 or more delinquent citations may be immobilized on site in lieu of towing. The City of Fresno may apply an immobilization boot to your vehicle if you have 5 or more delinquent parking citations to provide you with a 24-hour window of time to pay your parking citations. If you do not pay your penalties the vehicle will be towed and you will need to pay all parking penalties, as well as towing fees, to retrieve your vehicle.

Vehicle Tow Retrieval

Visit or contact the Fresno Police Department at (559) 621-7000 to learn where your vehicle was towed. When calling the Fresno Police Department, please be ready to provide the license plate or VIN.

Impounded vehicles are recovered at the tow yard. The release of the vehicle may only occur if the following conditions are met:

  • The vehicle must be currently registered.
  • The vehicle will only be released to the registered owner.
  • The vehicle must be currently insured.
  • A licensed driver must be present.
  • If your vehicle was towed for 5 or more outstanding parking citations, you must pay your parking citations and obtain a release from the Parking Division to retrieve your vehicle.

Construction and Event Support

Reservation/Prepaid Meters
If you are performing construction or conducting an event and need to pre-purchase parking meters for short periods of time (1-3 days usually), we will “bag” the meters to take them out of service for the public. This must be approved and paid in advance. Contact the Parking Division for more details at (559) 621-PARK (7275). You must provide the meter numbers prior to processing.

The cost is $5.00 per meter per day, plus a $25.00 administrative fee.

To Apply for Meter Reservation Online
All applications for meter reservations must be submitted and paid in full at least 2 business days before your requested start date. Your approval and request for payment will be sent by email. Please see the Online Meter Reservation Instruction Guide for additional information.