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Luis Chavez

Luis Chavez

Welcome to the Residents of District 5,

As someone who grew up here, I have dedicated my life to Fresno and the Central Valley. I have seen what Fresno and the Valley can do when times are good, and I have also seen what happens to our community when times are bad. We must reinvest in our workforce, by bringing good jobs to the valley and train our existing workers to be ready for these jobs. We need to streamline regulations for business while expanding vocational training for jobs in growing fields such as healthcare, electrical trade, carpentry, computer science and engineering careers to name a few.

We need to reinvest in our infrastructure to ensure our community has the solid base for growth, this includes water infrastructure as water means jobs to our community and the valley. It is time to put our citizens ahead of politics and work together to develop solutions for a clean reliable water supply and basic infrastructure. We need to reinvest in our children, as the father of twin girls, I know our children are the Valley’s future.

My Staff and I look forward to your thoughts and comments regarding District 5 and the City of Fresno. Your input will assist us in providing direction to improve the quality of life for our community.

Luis Chavez
Councilmember, District 5

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Councilmember Luis Chavez was elected to the Fresno City Council as the District 5 representative in November of 2016 and sworn into office in January 2017. Prior to his election to the City Council he was a Fresno Unified School District Board Member and Chief of Staff to former Fresno City Councilmember Sal Quintero in District 5. As a School Board Member and Chief of Staff to a Fresno City Councilmember, Luis has dedicated his life to the children and families of South Fresno.

Raised in Fresno and the Central Valley, the son of immigrant farm workers Luis graduated from Roosevelt High School, home of the Rough Riders. His education continued as he earned an AA Degree in Business Administration from Fresno City College leading him to earn both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Public Administration from Fresno State University.

After college Luis looked to find work that would allow him to reinvest in our community. He has dedicated his career to helping children and youth as a mentor, community college educator, youth program leader, literacy volunteer and ultimately as a Fresno Unified School Board Member. Luis gained experience working in the classroom as a teacher in Fresno County Schools and at Fresno City College where he taught courses to help first generation college students succeed. He also served as Program Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California, covering Kern, Kings, Fresno and Tulare counties, where he learned how investing in a child’s life can make a world of difference.

His twin daughters inspired Luis to seek election to the Fresno Unified School District Board, where as a Trustee he worked to reduce classroom size, boost graduation rates, and expand sports and after school programs that are so vital to the success of many of our kids. Luis fought for universal access for pre-kindergarten aged children and expansion of “Parent University”, a program that has trained over 12,00 parents to navigate the educational system and help students apply for college. His tenure at Fresno Unified culminated with him being elected Board President and leading the 4th largest school district in California, which encompasses 10,000 employees and a $1 Billion operations budget.

Knowing that we need to reinvest in our workforce and prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow, Luis has supported vocational training programs so that graduates are trained for jobs in healthcare, business administration and auto mechanics to name a few. Luis has worked closely with law enforcement to reduce gang activity and to find ways to keep youth from trouble that would derail their futures.

Luis strives to be the voice of the people he represents and looks forward to providing service to the constituents of District 5 and the City of Fresno.


Brenda Rapada
Chief of Staff

Being raised in Fresno and the area, I believe I understand the needs of our community as a whole as we work to provide safe neighborhoods, rebuild its infrastructure, provide vocational job training and recruit business organizations that will bring much need jobs for our constituents.

Having served proudly as a Council Assistant for District 5 in the City of Fresno, first for Councilmember Mike Dages and then Councilmember Sal Quintero, it has provided me with 0ver 13 years of experience. The experience I gained working for these two dedicated councilmembers provided me the knowledge of the intricate workings of our city government that allows me to provide solutions and direction to the constituents that we serve.

My previous experience as a Council Assistant has prepared me for my current position of Chief of Staff to Fresno City District 5 Councilmember Luis Chavez. I believe I have the tools to lead our office and provide Councilmember Chavez the support to provide our constituents the information and assistance they need and deserve.

Lucio Avila
Council Assistant

Lucio has had a long history of advocating on social justice issues faced by youth and immigrants throughout the city of Fresno. He has spent his career working with residents in disinvested and low-income communities, nonprofit organizations, and other stakeholders in Fresno and beyond. He is fueled by his passion for social justice and positive change in communities.

“I look forward to sharing my passions for service and working alongside communities in the City of Fresno to advance community needs and priorities.”

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Code Violations (559) 621-8400

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  2. InOp In Driveway (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  3. InOp In Yard
  4. Car Over Unpaved Surface
  5. Boat Stored In Driveway
  6. Trailer Stored In Driveway
  7. Trailer Stored In Yard
  8. Boat Stored In Yard
  9. Tall Weeds, 6″ Tall
  10. Dry, Tall Weeds
  11. Vacant Unsecured House
  12. Trash In Yard
  13. Trash In Driveway
  14. Trash At Gutter
  15. Junk And Appliances In Driveway
  16. Junk And Appliances In Yard
  17. Canopy In Driveway
  18. Basketball Hoop On Sidewalk
  19. Parked Car On Sidewalk
  20. Trash And Junk In Alley
  21. Weeds, Dry, Tall In Alley
  22. Auto Repair On Property
  23. A Fence Taller Than 6 Feet Or Shorter Than 3 Feet
  24. Mobil Home In Driveway
  25. Mobil Home In Yard
  26. Yard Sale Signs on Trees, in Medians, or on Poles

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  1. InOp Parked In Street (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  2. Boat Stored In Street
  3. Trailer Stored In Street
  4. Basketball Hoop In Street
  5. Mobile Home Parked In Street W/Power Hooked Up

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  1. Sign Replacement/Repair
  2. Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter Repairs
  3. Tree Removal/Replacement And Trimming
  4. Street Lights
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  6. Standing Water

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