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Paul Caprioglio

Residents of District 4,

Since January 2013, when I began my work for you as your Councilmember, my staff and I have rolled up our sleeves and gotten to work on matters that are important to you. We’ve asked for your input and listened to your ideas and suggestions. As many of you may know, I am a lifelong resident of Fresno’s District 4. Issues that are important to you, are important to my family and I as well.

We truly welcome your input regarding District Four and the City of Fresno. Your ideas and suggestions will assist us in implementing policies with the goal of improving the quality of life for all of us. I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Caprioglio

The City of Fresno PARCS Department is conducting a survey asking for your ideas on the amenities you think should be included at the future Multi-Generation Center at Large Park. We appreciate your participation and support. Thank you!

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Councilmember Paul E. Caprioglio is currently the Council President for the Fresno City Council. He was elected Council President in January of 2016, and will serve until the end of his tenure in January 5th 2017. He presides at all Council meetings to maintain order and provide essential leadership functions. He serves as the chief spokesperson and representative for the Council for matters before the public, the state and federal governments, and the City Administration. During his tenure as Council President, he intends to work diligently to guide the Council through any and all obstacles, while encouraging collaboration and teamwork amongst fellow Councilmembers.

Paul Caprioglio was sworn-in on January 10, 2013 as Councilmember representing District 4.

A life-long resident of Fresno, Paul and his family have lived nearly 40 years in the district that he now proudly serves, with his wife Rhonda, and their children John-Paul and Lauren. After graduating from Roosevelt High School, he attended Fresno City College and then went on to earn a B.A. in Political Science from California State University, Fresno. He then decided to continue his education, earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law.

Paul’s professional career began in the California State Attorney General’s Office, ultimately prosecuting murder cases for the Fresno District Attorney’s Office. Thereafter, he went into private practice with the Law Offices of Paul Caprioglio.

Paul has served on the Board of Directors of the Central Valley YMCA, Southeast Fresno Boxing Club and the Sequoia Lake Conference. The knowledge and experience that he’s acquired through his community service, coupled with the fact that District 4 is his lifelong home, has deepened his understanding of the issues which affect all those living and doing business in District 4.

As a public official, Paul advocates for safer neighborhoods, and is determined to listen and implement constituent ideas and solutions to improve our community. Paul’s desire to deliver efficient and tangible results has further motivated him to take a more hands-on approach to remedy the issue of public safety in Fresno. He became trained in repairing streetlights in April 2013, as a way to discourage criminal activity and create safe and secure neighborhoods for residents. Nearly every Friday afternoon, he repairs and/or replaces streetlights, and to date, over 600 streetlights are now shining brightly in District 4.

Paul strives to provide excellent constituent service for District 4, and remains committed to the betterment of the district as well as the community city-wide.


Laura Rios
Chief of Staff

Light Up Fresno
LIght Up Fresno Map

The red dots represent streetlights that have been repaired by Councilmember Paul Caprioglio.

Code Violation Guide

Code Violations (559) 621-8400

  1. Car Parked On Lawn
  2. InOp In Driveway (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  3. InOp In Yard
  4. Car Over Unpaved Surface
  5. Boat Stored In Driveway
  6. Trailer Stored In Driveway
  7. Trailer Stored In Yard
  8. Boat Stored In Yard
  9. Tall Weeds, 6″ Tall
  10. Dry, Tall Weeds
  11. Vacant Unsecured House
  12. Trash In Yard
  13. Trash In Driveway
  14. Trash At Gutter
  15. Junk And Appliances In Driveway
  16. Junk And Appliances In Yard
  17. Canopy In Driveway
  18. Basketball Hoop On Sidewalk
  19. Parked Car On Sidewalk
  20. Trash And Junk In Alley
  21. Weeds, Dry, Tall In Alley
  22. Auto Repair On Property
  23. A Fence Taller Than 6 Feet Or Shorter Than 3 Feet
  24. Mobil Home In Driveway
  25. Mobil Home In Yard
  26. Yard Sale Signs on Trees, in Medians, or on Poles

Report Code Violations with FresGo

FresGo - Report an Issue

Police Violations (559) 621-8000

  1. InOp Parked In Street (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  2. Boat Stored In Street
  3. Trailer Stored In Street
  4. Basketball Hoop In Street
  5. Mobile Home Parked In Street W/Power Hooked Up

Public Works (559) 621-8650

  1. Sign Replacement/Repair
  2. Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter Repairs
  3. Tree Removal/Replacement And Trimming
  4. Street Lights
  5. Traffic Lights
  6. Standing Water

Community Sanitation Graffiti Reporting Form On-Line

  1. Graffiti Reporting (fences, trees, parks, building and signs)
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City Legislation Authored by Councilmember Caprioglio

A Resolution of The Council of The City of Fresno, California, Opposing Proposition 57

11/6/2014 Fresno City Council Unanimously Adopts “Water Conservation Act” Co-authored by Councilmembers Paul Caprioglio and Lee Brand

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