Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find the correct bus route?

The first step in riding the bus is finding the correct but route (or routes) to reach your destination.  Use the FAX system map to determine the best route to take.  Remember that you can transfer from one route to another to reach your destination.

How do I find out what time the bus will arrive at my stop?

There are two ways to find out what time your bus will arrive at your stop. Download the Google or Moovit app from your phone/tablet or visit the Google or Moovit website for real-time transit information. You can also pick up a copy of the latest FAX Schedule Guide.

The latest FAX Schedule Guide has scheduled arrival times posted for each bus and bus stop throughout the FAX fixed route system.  These are scheduled times and not real-time transit information.

How do I catch the bus?

Please remember that buses will only stop at designated stops.  Designated stops have FAX bus stop signs that show which routes are served at the stop.  If you are seated at a shelter, or a bus bench, please stand up, if you are physically able, and let the driver know you wish to board.  If you are standing at a bus stop, wave to the driver as the bus approaches.  If you are boarding with a stroller, please have the item folded and ready to go.

What is mobility device accessibility on the bus?

All FAX buses have wheelchair ramps for easy access to passengers who either use mobility devices or have difficulty climbing stairs.

How do I pay my fare?

Effective September 1, 2021, FAX bus rides will cost $1. Reduced fares are available for seniors, people with disabilities, and Medicare card holders, with valid ID. Children 12 and younger ride for free, and active military and veterans ride for free. 31-day passes and 10 Ride Cards are available at discounted rates. For more information, visit the FAX Fares and Passes page.

You can pay your bus fare in cash at the farebox on the bus, or purchase single tickets, 10-Ride Cards, or 31-Day Passes using cash or a credit card at the Manchester Transit Center (MTC) at Blackstone and Shields, or at any Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) located along Route 1 (the Bus Rapid Transit “Q” line) along Blackstone and Ventura/Kings Canyon.

When your bus arrives, you can board through the front door, pay your fare or use your pre-purchased tickets or passes, and take your seat. Remember to ask the bus driver for a transfer if you will need one.  FAX Police Officers may at any point board the bus to conduct fare enforcement.  They can at any time ask you for your pass during which time you are required to show it.

How do I leave the bus?

Be alert for your destination.  To signal the operator to stop, pull the cord above the window.  Pull the cord a minimum of one block prior to your desired bus stop.  Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving your seat.  Please remember that buses will stop only at designated bus stops.  Leave through the rear doors if possible to allow new passengers to board the bus.

How do I use transfers?

Transfers are free with a full-paid fare and allow you to transfer to two additional FAX buses in order to complete your one-way trip.  Bus transfers are not valid for layover or return trips.  Transfers must be requested at the time of boarding, remain valid for a 90 minutes from the time issued, and are accepted on both FAX and Clovis Transit buses.

Do I need a separate pass to board between Q, FAX’s BRT and other fixed route buses?

No, the same passes work between both Q and other buses.  As a result, you can ride all buses in the fixed route network with the same pass.

How can I troubleshoot not being able to access wifi on BRT, Route 1?

  • Make sure you are connecting to the FAX Bus Public WiFi network on your device.
  • If you have connected to the WiFi previously and have not used your device for 30 minutes, you may need to reconnect to the FAX Bus Public WiFi network. Enabling and disabling WiFi will reconnect you to the network.
  • Turn off WiFi on your device and turn it back on again.
    • Android – Go to Settings/Connections/WiFi, Toggle the ‘on’ button to ‘off’ and back to ‘on’.
    • iOS – Go to Settings/WiFi, Toggle WiFi button to the left (grey) and back to right (green).
    • On Windows, you should see a WiFi icon in the bottom-right corner. Click to see a list of available networks. Click to open a menu and shut off WiFi. Do the same to turn it back on.
    • On macOS, you should see a WiFi icon in the top-right corner. Click to open a menu and shut off WiFi. Do the same to turn it back on.
  • Forget the FAX Bus Public WiFi network and try to reconnect.
  • Restart your device by powering it off and on.
  • If applicable, disable or uninstall any VPN applications on your device.

If none of the above worked to resolve your issue, call (559) 621-1486