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In 2021, the City of Fresno passed Resolution 2021-201, establishing a Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) to support access to decent, safe, and affordable housing within the city. The LHTF can provide funding to a variety of community-supported housing programs and activities according to adopted Program Guidelines.

LHTF 2023 Annual Report 

City of Fresno Annual report for calendar year 2023 containing updates on LHTF projects and community engagement.

Program Guidelines

2021 Allocation

The 2021 Allocation to the LHTF was awarded a matching amount from the State of California Local Housing Trust Fund Grant Program.

2021 LHTF Program Guidelines

2022+ Allocation

Program Guidelines for the 2022 (and subsequent) allocations are yet to be adopted, but must include funding for the following activities: a) housing rehabilitation, b) first-time homebuyer assistance, c) acquisition of property for housing development, d) housing rights education, e) tenant assistance for temporary housing, and f) eviction protection / housing stability program.

Community feedback will be solicited to inform the development of these Guidelines and the amount of funding for to be assigned for each activity listed above and/or any additional activities. It is anticipated that this effort will occur in late 2022 / early 2023.

Past Events

2022 Events

Local Housing Trust Fund Virtual Community Workshop – Priority Criteria

  1. Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/VEKqrR67BbwWljJ5kAphAuAtLphlfJzC_6qt3dlleFF6IdyRWRnJnateSIAlcMjH.0AolrQkLQmhmsEC5 + Passcode: g9i6s=jW
  2. Presentation: City of Fresno Local Housing Trust Fund – Community Workshop on Priority Criteria

  1. Local Housing Trust Fund In-person Community Workshop – Priority Criteria
  2. Handouts: Priorities and Definitions
    (English) (Hmong) (Spanish)

Local Housing Trust Fund & Matching Grant Program Community Workshops

2023 Events

  1. Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) Notice of Funding Available (NOFA) awardees

The Housing and Community development Division released LHTF NOFA on April 17, 2023 and received multiple applications.

Among the excellent potential projects, we selected the applications that received the most points for the program guidelines and meeting community needs.  Now we proudly announce the LHTF NOFA awardee.

  1. Release of Local Housing Trust Fund Notice of Funding Availability (LHTF NOFA) CLOSED
  2. Local Housing Trust Fund NOFA
  3. Loan Guidelines and Underwriting Standards

April 17

  1. Local Housing Trust Funds Notice of Funding Availability (LHTF NOFA) Bids: CLOSED

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events