Mayor, Police Chief Issue Comments on Recent Questions on Immigration Policy

FRESNO, CA  – Mayor Ashley Swearengin and Police Chief Jerry Dyer released the following statements addressing recent questions on the City of Fresno’s immigration policy:


“These are anxious and uncertain times for many in our community. Regardless of what happens in Washington in the weeks and months to come, at the local level we need to remain focused on the things that will continue to make Fresno a great city: a willingness to help others and the determination to do the hard work necessary to improve our quality of life. This is not a time to throw more fuel on the fire. I encourage Fresnans to bring out the best in each other, not the worst.”


“The fact that an individual is suspected of being an undocumented alien does not give an officer the right to contact, detain, or arrest that person. Officers are not interested in a person’s immigration status, but only whether they are involved in criminal activity.”

NOTE: The Fresno Police Department has an established public policy on immigration violations that can be found in its Policy Manual under Policy 428.