Mayor Announces He Will Not Run For Second Term

Mayor Lee Brand today made the following announcement about the 2020 mayoral campaign:

“Last month, I turned 70 years old and the occasion caused me to reflect on my life, my career and my time as your Mayor.  As a result of this self-reflection, I had an open and honest discussion with my family about seeking a second term.  The overwhelming consensus was that it was time I move on.  My wife wants to travel and I want to spend more time with my grandchildren.

“Therefore, I have decided to announce that I will not run for a second term as Mayor of Fresno. 

“I have a little over 19 months left to complete my term and my vision remains constant: create economic prosperity for our City, improve public safety, improve the quality of life for all and unify Fresno.  For my remaining time in office, I will stay focused on moving that vision forward.

“The people of Fresno and their needs are more important than my political plans.  Not running for a second term will allow me to devote my full attention to moving this City forward. Running for a second term as Mayor would consume time and energy that is better used to achieve my vision.

“Not having the burden of re-election gives me the freedom to devote all of my energy to improving our community. I will keep the ‘pedal to the metal’ until my last day in office.

“For the past 18 years, I have served this City, as a planning commissioner, City Councilmember and Mayor and I have no regrets. I love Fresno and its people and I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity to serve as Mayor of this great City.

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my family, the incredible employees of the City of Fresno and all those who have supported my vision and stood beside me as we worked toward a better Fresno.  I ask you to join my quest to finish strong over the next 19 months. Thank you!”