FAX Officially Launches New “Q” System

The City of Fresno held a press conference this morning to announce the official launch of the Fresno Area Express (FAX) bus rapid transit system known as “Q,” a state of the art bus system that provides faster, more convenient, and more reliable service than a traditional bus line.  Among the features that “Q” provides are 10–minute frequencies at peak time, bus priority at traffic signals, off-board kiosks, and enhanced stations.

“It’s a project that meets the changing needs of our city,” said Fresno mayor Lee Brand. “Our new ‘Q’ bus service will make the daily transit experience more appealing, attractive and accessible for our customers.”

Q’s initial route spans 15.7 miles on Blackstone Avenue, from North Fresno Street to downtown, then out Ventura Avenue/Kings Canyon Road to Clovis Avenue.  The project includes 51 stations: 24 station pairs (or 48 one–way stations), two terminal stations, and one transit center with a shared platform station.  Q serves major shopping centers, hospitals, and other significant destinations, and in future years, additional Q routes could be added to further improve the FAX system.

The “Q” began operating on February 19, 2018, and riders can take advantage of free rides through Sunday.  Bus rates for “Q” are the same as for fixed bus routes and riders can easily transfer between “Q” and existing FAX routes.  Information about FAX can be found on our website: https://www.fresno.gov/transportation/fax/

Mayor Lee Brand was joined at the press conference by Interim Assistant City Manager Bruce Rudd, Transportation Director Jim Schaad and Councilmember Oliver Baines.