City Reaches Agreement to Bring GAP E-Commerce Center , 500 Jobs to Fresno

Mayor Lee Brand and his administration have reached an agreement with The Gap, Inc. (Gap) to relocate their e-commerce fulfillment operation to the City of Fresno.  The relocation allows Gap to place its e-commerce fulfillment center, currently located out-of-state, near its store distribution facilities in the vicinity of Fresno-Yosemite International Airport.

In moving their fulfillment operation to Fresno, Gap has indicated they will employ at least 515 full-time employees ramping up over three years and several hundred part-time and seasonal employees.  Additionally, they will invest at least $80 million in material handling equipment at the facility.  The fulfillment center will be housed in one of the current buildings owned by Gap at their Pacific Distribution Center here in Fresno.

“Fresno continues to build momentum as more major corporations like Gap, Inc. are establishing and expanding their operations in our great city. Companies know we are open for business and will help them grow,” said Fresno Mayor Lee Brand. “The addition of 500 new jobs moves us closer to my goal of 10,000 new, good-paying permanent jobs that will change our city’s narrative and make Fresno a better, safer and more prosperous place to live.”

The agreement is made possible through a 30-year Economic Incentive Agreement between the City and Gap as outlined in the Mayor’s Economic Expansion Act.  The agreement provides performance-based job-creation incentives for the creation of at least 500 net new jobs, and potentially hundreds more part-time and/or seasonal employees during peak business periods.  In addition, it will also ensure continued sustainability of their 351 employees currently employed at their Fresno facility.

“For over 18 years, our Fresno Distribution Campus has played a pivotal role in providing great service to our customers.  It serves as a key strategic location for growth and opportunity.  We consider our Fresno team members to be the very best in the business,” said Shawn Curran, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain & Product Ops for Gap, Inc. “We are thrilled to move on to the next step in our journey as we expand our operations adding 500 new jobs over the next two years. On behalf of the entire management team at Gap Inc., we would like to thank the City of Fresno for their commitment to our vision and their support throughout the planning process.”

The agreement goes before the Fresno City Council on April 5, 2018, for final approval.