City Leaders Provide Update on Hotel California Situation

FRESNO, CA – After nearing completion of all required heating repairs from the City’s initial notice and order, the property located at 530 North Weber was inspected for compliance with California Building Code. During the inspection of the installation of new heaters, the City’s Building and Safety personnel identified a potentially dangerous electrical hazard that requires the City of Fresno post against occupancy.

The City is working with the property owner to reduce the hazard by requiring 24 hour fire watch and removing appliances that are contributing to this hazard. The owner has indicated his willingness to cooperate with the relocation of occupants in preparation of the Monday morning, 9 am deadline to vacate the property and shut off power for repairs.

Mayor Brand, in reflecting on the human side of this difficult situation, said, “We are thankful for the community partners who have stepped up to provide additional, long-term housing solutions on a one-on-one basis with affected individuals.  If you are a landlord, or service agency that would like to participate in this opportunity, please contact MAAP Point at the Pov at 559-512-6777.”

The City will continue working with the property owners to achieve compliance.