City Launches New 3-1-1 Customer Service Call Center

The City of Fresno today officially launched Fresno 311, a new, modernized customer service call center that makes it even easier for residents and visitors to access city services, report issues and get information on a City-related subjects through an updated system that’s more accessible, transparent, and user-friendly.

The City also announced that it will begin providing an interactive online portal for its Operation Clean Up schedule that will allow customers to look up the exact day that our Solid Waste trucks will pick up bulky items in front of their home.

311 is a universally recognized 3-digit non-emergency phone number that people can call in many cities around the United States to find local information. Fresno’s 311 system is a natural upgrade from our One Call Center, which was introduced in February 2006 to provide one single phone number (621-CITY or 2489) to report an issue or get information on any department or service within the City of Fresno. 

Fresno 311 is also integrated with the City’s successful mobile app, FresGO, to give customers a full range of services that will better allow 311 operators to access the information needed to assist residents. Operators answer calls from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.

“Improving customer service at City Hall has always been one of my top priorities, and I’m pleased to see our employees as well as our residents are embracing new technology that allows us to interact effectively,” said Fresno Mayor Lee Brand. “Fresno 311 will be easy to remember and easy to use, so we can reduce the number of non-emergency calls that put stress on our 911 operators.”

Residents can call 311 from any phone within Fresno. If you are calling from outside Fresno, continue to use the number 559-621-CITY.  Transitioning to a 311 system is designed to simplify the process for anyone who doesn’t want to navigate multiple phone numbers, web addresses and e-mail accounts.

Routine services residents can request by contacting Fresno 311 include:

  • Illegal dumping on public streets and sidewalks
  • Potholes/sinkholes/damaged sidewalks
  • Graffiti on public space and buildings
  • Street light problems
  • Park maintenance

While Fresno 311 operators will be receiving and tracking requests no matter how they come in, for urgent issues, residents should always call. Examples of urgent issues include:

  • Objects blocking the roadway
  • Fallen trees or branches
  • Downed road signs such as stop signs
  • Flooding
  • Traffic signal outages