City Introduces eComment for Meeting Participation

The City of Fresno has added eComment to its website, a new feature that provides residents with an additional opportunity for participation in local government when they cannot attend a City Council meeting in person.  Using eComment allows any person anywhere to leave a comment on an agenda item via the internet.

To leave a comment users can click on “eComment” on the Fresno City Council’s agenda page,, select the current agenda, then select the item they wish to comment on and submit your written comment.

eComment begins at 5:00 p.m. on Friday prior to the Thursday Council meeting and closes at 9 a.m on the Wednesday prior to the Thursday meeting.  Comments are exported into a report and distributed to the Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, City Manager, and Department Directors

eComment is also a valuable tool for staff.  Significant staff time savings can be realized by encouraging constituents to post their comments using eComment as opposed to sending emails or leaving phone messages.  Having a central repository for comments ensures that the City Council and City staff is in compliance with the Brown Act by having a transparent, predictable process for managing public comment.