Accessible Fresno Small Business Initiative to Help Businesses With ADA Compliance as they Reopen Following Covid-19 Closures

The City of Fresno is offering free access inspections through the Accessible Fresno Small Business Initiative (Accessible Fresno).

As businesses reopen, or prepare to reopen, following closures due to COVID-19, the City of Fresno recognizes the need to assist small businesses with their accessibility compliance efforts.  The City is providing eligible small businesses with free Certified Access Specialists (CASp) inspection services.  A CASp can inspect a business for construction-related accessibility issues and provide information to help make a reasonable compliance schedule.

Many accessibility issues are simple to fix if a business knows what it needs to do.  Having a CASp inspection and working on the compliance schedule shows a business’ commitment to access and provide legal benefits.  Courts look favorably upon proactive businesses that have a plan of action to fix their building, even if the plan is not yet finished.  With this in mind, the Accessible Fresno small business initiative can help by covering all CASP inspection fees.  A CASp inspection is the first step towards becoming ADA compliant, which not only helps to avoid unwanted litigation, but also increases the number of potential customers.

“Working side-by-side with businesses to help them understand and comply with health, safety, and consumer regulations is just one more way that Fresno is becoming even more business friendly,” said Mayor Lee Brand. “These resources will help to make sure our residents enjoy access to provide for their needs.”

The City of Fresno recognizes that these have been unprecedented times.  As the local economy starts to open back up, this is a great opportunity to help small businesses maximize commerce by creating a welcoming environment for the entire community.

“The Administration is committed to work with our local business owners to make Fresno more accessible so that our city becomes a convenient and welcoming place for everyone,” said City Manager Wilma Quan. “We’re providing businesses with the information and support needed to enhance accessibility and improve access.”

There is no cost to the business to apply or participate in Accessible Fresno.  Interested businesses can view the eligibility requirements and apply online at