Fire Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in the Fire Department's ride-along program?

Citizens interested in participating in the ride-along program may call headquarters at (559) 621-4199 for an application. The application will be reviewed and, if approved, a background check will be initiated. If the background check is negative, the applicant will be contacted to schedule the ride-along. Individuals are limited to one ride along in a 12 month period.

How can I schedule a tour of a fire station?

Contact Fire Department Headquarters at (559) 621-4199 and you will be transferred directly to the fire station you would like to tour.

Where is the closest fire station to my house?

Contact Fire Department Headquarters at (559) 621-4199 and give them your address. Someone will be able to give you the closest fire station. Also, click on fire station locations to find the fire station nearest you.

How do I schedule a fire engine to attend my event (carnival, block party, safety day, etc.)?

Contact the scheduling coordinator at (559) 621-4199.

Where do I report tall weeds, grasses around houses and vacant lots?

Contact Code Enforcement at (559) 621-8400.

How much does a fire report cost and how do I get one?

Copies of fire reports can be obtained at the Fire Prevention Division located at Fire Headquarters, 911 “H” Street, Fresno, CA 93721.  Call (559) 621-4181 or e-mail to request a fire report, or request online.

How do I report a leaking fire hydrant?

Contact the fire department at (559) 621-4199.

How do I become a firefighter?

The City of Fresno tests for the position of firefighter trainee as needed. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and be 21 years of age (20 years old to test). Additional information regarding a career as a Fresno Firefighter can be found on the Firefighter Recruitment webpage.

My smoke detector is making a 'chirping' noise. What's wrong with it?

The battery is low. Replace it immediately. Remember to test your detector once a month and change the battery when you change your clock to and from daylight savings time.

Is it OK to burn trash outside in a burn barrel?

No. It is illegal to burn trash in the city of Fresno. The only outdoor fires allowed are for cooking purposes.

I own a business and have been told to get a fire extinguisher. How big a fire extinguisher do I need?

The minimum size required in the City of Fresno is a 2A10BC. This is a dry chemical extinguisher and weighs approx 5 lbs. It will extinguish class A, B and C fires. For more detailed information on fire extinguishers, contact Fire Prevention Division (559) 621-4181.

My power bill is very high in the winter, and I am considering using a kerosene heater to heat my home. Is this a good idea?

NO! Kerosene heaters are not intended for use inside a residence. They are for use in non-airtight out buildings like barns, garages, etc. Kerosene heaters produce a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide and can kill in an airtight confined space.

I have several old cans of paint, solvents, and thinners. Does the Fire Department take care of disposing of these items?

No. The Fresno County Environmental Health Agency provides a periodic disposal program for household products such as old paint, solvents, etc. You may contact them at (559) 445-3271.

Does the City of Fresno allow fireworks?

The City of Fresno allows safe and sane fireworks during the July 4th holiday only. For more information visit the Fireworks webpage.

What is Fresno Fire Department's ISO rating?

Currently, Fresno Fire Department maintains a fire protection class rating of “Class 2” through the Insurance Service Office.