Rental Housing

The purpose of the Rental Housing Division is to address the issue of substandard rental properties, promote greater compliance with health and safety standards and to preserve the quality of Fresno’s neighborhoods and available housing opportunities. The goal is to work with property owners to achieve compliance of health and safety code violations that are a threat to the occupant’s safety, structural integrity of the building, and have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Rental Housing Improvement Program

While the implementation of the Rental Housing Improvement Program is pending, the following information has been made available in the interim.  Please continue to check the City’s website for additional updates.

Rental Housing Improvement Act

BASELINE INSPECTION:  All residential rental properties shall be subject to a baseline inspection, pursuant to a random sampling formula, to determine whether or not violations of Health and Safety Standards exist.  It is within the City’s sole discretion to determine the order in which it will conduct baseline inspections of residential rental units.  Prior to implementing the Rental Housing Improvement Program, the City will make available online and upon request a rental inspection checklist, which shall clearly define and describe criteria applied to determine whether or not violations of Health and Safety Standards exist on the property.   All residential rental properties will be required to be registered and the registration updated whenever there is a change of ownership or contact information.

Multi-Family Rental Units
2-4 Units 100% Inspection
5-15 Units 25% Inspection
16-50 Units 15% Inspection
51+ Units 10% Inspection
Single-Family Rental Units
1 Home 100% Inspection
2-9 Homes 50% Inspection
10-20 Homes 30% Inspection
21-49 Homes 20% Inspection
50 Homes or More 10% Inspection

REGISTRATION:  The City is currently finalizing the required Rental Housing Registry which will be posted online allowing property owners and/or manager’s the ability to register by providing the street address, accessor’s parcel number, number of units, property owner local contact information, etc.  The City will launch the registry and begin an outreach effort to inform potential rental property owners of the requirement to register in the coming weeks.

FEES:  There are no fees to register a rental property; however, failure to register will result in penalties. There is a $100 inspection fee per unit to be inspected.  Payment of the inspection fee is due at the time of the inspection, and a unit shall not pass inspection until the fee is paid.

EXEMPTIONS:  Owner-occupied, mobile home parks, vacant units, hotels, motels, licensed medical or care facilities, educational, religious and medical institutions are exempt from the Rental Housing Improvement Program.

Anti-Slum Enforcement Team

The Anti-Slum Enforcement Team is dedicated to battling urban blight and improving the lives of City residents by encouraging voluntary code compliance and initiating legal proceedings focusing on the worst violators of housing health and safety laws.  ASET will seek to obtain compliance through intensive and focused code enforcement efforts, including expedited and through civil litigation and potentially criminal prosecution of the worst offenders, but not burdening property owners who are complying with the law and providing safe and habitable housing.  The mission of ASET is to increase the stock of habitable rental housing by pursuing violators to obtain code compliance.

ASET Weekly Status Report