Department of Public Utilities

Trash Disposal & Recycling

Residential Services

The City of Fresno provides residents with three 96-gallon carts as a basic level of service. There is one cart for trash, one for recyclables, and one for green waste. All carts are emptied on the same day by automated collection trucks.

  • Carts may be placed out for collection the preceding day after 6:00 p.m. and before 5:30 a.m. on the day of collection.
  • Carts are placed 3–4 feet apart. Collection trucks cannot efficiently empty carts if they are less than 3 feet apart.
  • Each cart’s handle is facing your house.
  • Your carts are not overfilled and the lids are closed.
  • Your emptied carts are removed from the curb and placed out of view by 8 p.m. on your collection day.
  • Carts are clear of any obstructions (i.e., mailboxes, basketball hoops,automobiles, etc).
  • Avoid contaminating recyclables and yard clippings by putting the right materials in the green, gray, and blue carts.

By sorting your green waste, trash, and recycling at home you help the environment, ease the strain on landfills and reduce contamination. By returning recyclables you make it possible for them to be reused to make other products.

Alley Locks
If you are a resident or owner of a property adjacent to a gated alley and in need of a key or a lock we have a resource for you. Locks and keys can be obtained from the Solid Waste Management Division located at 1325 El Dorado Street in the Municipal Service Center. Simply bring a copy of your City of Fresno utility bill to the lobby located next to the guard shack between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. If you have questions about the program, alley closure procedures, or want to report a damaged gate; please contact our offices at (559) 621-1894 for assistance.

Assistance for Customers with Disabilities or Medical Conditions
Drivers will roll out carts and return them to their original location for residential customers with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent them from handling their carts. Contact the Solid Waste Management Division office at (559) 621-1452 for eligibility requirements.

Container in View
Keeping our neighborhoods clean and beautiful begins in our own front yards. The City of Fresno is asking people to take the time to put their trash and recycling carts away and out of view from the street after they are serviced.

If you prefer to store containers in the front yard, a 4-foot high enclosure or shrubbery should meet the necessary screening requirements. It is also important to know that people who ignore the ordinance may receive citations, and possibly fines. These fines range from $50 on the third instance, to $200 on the fifth instance, and no more than $1,500 in a 12-month period.

Carts can be placed out for collection after 6:00 p.m. the preceding day but not after 5:30 a.m. on the day of collection. Carts shall be placed out of view no later than 8:00 p.m. on your collection day.

The Container in View ordinance was adopted over 15 years ago to encourage proper storage of carts and beautify our community. Carts left out on non-service days not only create an unsightly appearance in our neighborhoods, and they can be a safety hazard as well. Carts can also be stolen if left out.

If you still have questions, please see examples below of how your neighbors have concealed their carts or give us a call, we will be happy to discuss solutions. We can be reached by calling the Solid Waste Management Division at (559) 621-1452.

Examples of Acceptable Storage of Carts
Cannot be seen from the street.

Examples of Unacceptable Storage of Carts
Are visible from the street.

Helpful Contact Numbers
Customer Service: Missed Service or Special Pick-ups
(559) 621-1452
8:00 a.m.–4:15 p.m.

Start Service or Make a Change in Service
(559) 621-6888

Assistance for Customers with Disabilities or Medical Conditions
(559) 621-1452

Household Hazardous Wastes
(800) 222-1222

Used Motor Oil and Filter Recycling
(559) 621-1111

Tire Disposal
(559) 621-8400

Operation Clean Up
(559) 621-1452

What goes where? Green. Gray. Blue.

Avoid cross-contamination (and potential fines). Make sure you know what goes where.