Department of Public Utilities

Trash Disposal & Recycling

Construction & Demolition

In June of 2005, the Fresno City Council adopted an ordinance to make recycling mandatory and encourage diversion of recyclable material from landfill disposal in order to comply with AB939

The recycling of construction & demolition (C&D)is required for any City-issued building, relocation or permitted demolition project that generates at least 8 cubic yards of material by volume.

All waste must be hauled to a City approved facility, listed below:

Mid Valley Transfer Station
2721 S. Elm
Fresno, CA 93706
(Southwest of Jensen & 41)
(559) 237-9425
Sorted or co-mingled C&D

Kroeker, Inc.
4627 S. Chestnut Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725
(Chestnut / Cedar)
(559) 237-3764
Co-mingled C&D

CARTS (Industrial Waste and Salvage)
3457 S. Cedar Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725
(North / Cedar)
(559) 233-1158
Co-mingled C&D

Rice Road Recycler & Transfer Station
10463 N. Rice Road
Fresno, CA 93720
(Rice Road / Friant)
Co-mingled C&D

Waste Management of Fresno
4333 E. Jefferson Ave.
Fresno, CA 93725
(Jefferson / Golden State)
(559) 834-4070
Co-mingled C&D

West Coast Waste
3077 S. Golden State Frontage Rd.
Fresno, Ca 93725 (North / Golden State Frontage Rd)
(559) 497-5320
Wood Waste Only

Permit holders are required to hire a private collector or solid waste hauler except when there is private collection by any person or company that transports waste and/or recyclables through use of its own transportation, such as a truck and/or trailer without compensation for such transportation. (FMC Section 9-408(c)(1).

Exemptions may be requested in writing to the Solid Waste Management Division at least 14 days prior to application for a City building permit but will only be given for sites that will generate less than 8 cubic yards of waste.

Solid Waste Management Division/Construction & Demolition
1325 El Dorado
Fresno, CA 93706-2014