Mayor Announces Mask Donations for Small Businesses

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand today announced a personal protective equipment (PPE) donation campaign for small businesses, an initiative to assist Fresno residents in the battle against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  The City of Fresno is providing an initial donation of 10,000 disposable surgical masks to hand out to small businesses for their customers, with another 4,000 cloth masks for employees to be made available later this week.

The surgical masks are available in packs of 25.  Since businesses are to require employees, customers and visitors to wear protective facial coverings inside their buildings by Emergency Order 2020-17, small businesses in Fresno that need a PPE donation should contact the City’s Code Enforcement Department at 559-621-8400 to set up delivery times. Code Enforcement staff will then deliver the masks as a resource for businesses affected by COVID-19 to give them the protective equipment they need to re-open safely.

“We recognize that many small businesses want to re-open but are unable to provide facial coverings that are essential for everyone’s health and safety,” said Mayor Brand.  “Masks and other personal protective equipment are an important part of managing the spread of COVID-19, so it’s important for the City to step up and donate masks to the businesses most impacted by this pandemic so our citizens stay healthy and our economy can get moving again.” 

For the latest information on all City-issued emergency orders and other coronavirus-related decisions, call 3-1-1 or visit the City of Fresno website at

We encourage you to visit to learn more about COVID-19 nationally, for information on coronavirus in California and to follow the Fresno County Department of Public Health website for regular updates.