FAX’s Courthouse Park Transit Center Re-opens

The City of Fresno’s Department of Transportation announced that the Fresno Area Express (FAX) is returning to the Downtown Courthouse Park Transit Center, better known as A, B, and L Shelters, effective today, December 18, 2017.

The three shelter sites at the Downtown Transit Center underwent a complete reconstruction and makeover.  Work on the project began in June of 2016 and includes an expanded customer area at L Shelter, new shelter structures and canopies, attractive lighting features, coordinated style benches, and other modern amenities that bring a more open feeling to the area.  During construction, FAX utilized temporary quarters outside the Courthouse Park along Fresno and L Streets.

FAX, the City’s public transit system, serves the community with sixteen fixed routes, half of which use the Downtown Courthouse Park Transit Center along with several rural transit systems.

The Courthouse Park project was funded by $1.9 million in Federal grants, matched by state and local dollars.