City of Fresno Announces Results of 2-Week Freeway Litter Enforcement Patrol Program

FRESNO, CA – Fresno City Manager Bruce Rudd, Councilmember Steve Brandau, and Police Captain Andrew Hall today updated the results of the Fresno Police Department’s freeway litter enforcement program in front of City Hall.

Over the past two weeks, the enforcement program sent six motorcycle officers out to patrol highways 41, 168, and 180 daily between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to enforce littering ordinances including throwing lighted substances and uncovered refuse vehicles. The program will continue until the start of the Big Fresno Fair on October 5th.

“This is a short-term solution to what is a fundamental flaw in the way that we fund and maintain our local freeways. Compounding the problem is that money from the State has not increased as additional miles of freeways around Fresno have been constructed,” said City Manager Bruce Rudd. “It’s imperative that our local and state agencies begin working immediately on developing a sustainable solution to our litter problem.”

Here are the litter enforcement statistics as of 9/19/16:

CVC 23111 – Throw litter substance from a vehicle – 11
CVC 23112 – Deposit refuse, garbage, rock or dirt on roadway – 25
CVC 23114 – Load must be covered to prevent spillage on roadway – 13
CVC23115a – Rubbish vehicle must have load covered to prevent spillage – 26
PC 374.4 – Littering – 14

89 total citations have been issued by Fresno Police since the start of the operation.

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