City Manager Quan Statement on Public Concerns Over Independent Police Auditor Report

City Manager Wilma Quan today released the following statement with respect to public concerns over the report made by the Office of Independent Review (OIR) regarding the London Wallace incident:

“In order to address public comments over the issue of transparency, I have consulted with our Independent Reviewer and he has agreed to publish a special supplement to the 2020 2nd Quarter Office of Independent Review report outlining his review of the London Wallace incident.  We both felt this was the best course of action to provide clarity and to satisfy concerns from not only the public but from our elected officials. 

“As with all OIR reports, documents cannot be released without a review by our legal counsel to ensure that both the rights of the complaining party and the officers involved are protected.  This due diligence is necessary to protect the City of Fresno from further liability and with this process in mind, the report will be released no later than the end of next week.  This is a unique situation and future releases will conform to the normal quarterly OIR report schedule.”