City Manager Announces Emergency Order on City Employee Leave Time Policy

Fresno City Manager Wilma Quan today signed an Executive Order updating the City of Fresno’s state of emergency, stating that City employees who are directed to remain home shall not be required to expend accrued leave time or take leave without pay.

City employees who elect to stay home, with approval of their appointing authority, for health, childcare, or other family care reasons, may utilize any accrued leave balance for that purpose; if all leave balances are exhausted, then the employee may “borrow” against future leave balance accruals for leave taken during the emergency.

City officials, department directors, or their designees shall have full authority to modify work schedules, including hours of work and days off for employees or direct employees to “work out of class” as deemed necessary to enforce this Order.

Non-essential City services shall be modified, including and processing of development applications, permits, and entitlements.

A copy of the executive order is attached and will be posted on the City of Fresno website, as well as the latest information on services and events, at

Constituents are encouraged to visit to learn more about COVID-19 and follow the Fresno County Department of Public Health for regular updates.