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Araceli Garcia Munoz

Chief of Staff

In her capacity as Chief of Staff, Araceli is responsible for overseeing all operations of Councilmember Esparza’s Office.

Araceli began her career in public service working for a state-wide non-profit where her work focused on executing public education campaigns, performing leadership development, and supporting the local implementation of the California Voter’s Rights Act. Since then, Araceli has served as Congressional and State government staff. Most recently, Araceli served as the Central California Regional Coordinator of External Affairs for Governor Newsom where she served as a liaison to the Governor’s Administration for stakeholders across an 11-county region. Araceli’s work in public service is driven by a passion to create government access for disadvantaged groups of people.

Araceli is a lifelong resident of the Central Valley and earned her B.A. in English Literature from the University of California, Merced.

In her free time Araceli enjoys visiting the California coast, reading, and spending time with her niece and nephew, Adaline and Alessio.

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David Vazquez

Deputy Chief of Staff

In his capacity as Deputy Chief of Staff, David manages the Councilmember’s schedule, leads community events, assists with constituent services, and performs policy research for Councilmember Esparza’s Office.

David began his career working for the Office of Community and Economic Development at CSU Fresno where his work focused on grant planning, implementation, and reporting. David holds extensive experience, having worked for the City of Fresno in constituent services prior to joining Councilmember Esparza’s Office in early 2019.

David was raised in Fresno and is a proud alumnus of Sunnyside High School. Additionally, David holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from CSU Fresno.

In his free time David enjoys hiking, playing recreational sports, and spending time with his spouse and son.

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Celida Garcia Lopez

District Director

In her capacity as District Director, Celida is responsible for overseeing constituent services, maintaining interdepartmental relationships, and implementing office operational plans for Councilmember Esparza’s Office.

Celida holds extensive experience, having worked for the City of Fresno since 2019. Celida began her career working for the District One Office of Councilmember Esmeralda Soria where she served as Deputy Chief of Staff prior to joining Councilmember Esparza’s Office in late 2022.

Celida was born and raised in Fresno and is a proud alumnus of Edison High School. Additionally, Celida holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Criminology from California State University, Fresno.

In her free time Celida enjoys attending concerts, traveling, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

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Omar Hernandez

Field Representative

In his role as Field Representative, Omar focuses on community outreach, special projects, and event planning for Councilmember Nelson Esparza’s Office.

Omar began his public service career while attending California State University, Fresno. He participated as an Agricultural Ambassador providing farm tours, recruitment, and special projects. Among those special projects he assisted with the California Future Farmers of America (FFA) State Conference Committee and volunteered at multiple FFA field days held on campus. In 2019, Omar was elected to serve as the President and CEO of the Associated Students Incorporated where he had the privilege of serving the 25,000 students at Fresno State. During his term he fought to protect students on more than 40 campus boards and fought to secure resources for students impacted by the pandemic.

Omar was born and raised in Fresno County and is an alumnus of Riverdale High School. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science emphasizing in Livestock Business Management.

In his free time Omar enjoys traveling, exercising, reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

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Claire Carrillo

Public Relations Assistant

In her capacity as Public Relations Assistant, Claire assists in coordinating community events and managing media relations for Councilmember Nelson Esparza’s Office.

Claire began her career studying Public Relations as an undergraduate while performing extensive volunteer work for local marketing agencies utilizing her skills in public relations and communications. She is experienced in organizing local events for Fresno’s Cultural Arts District that take place every month in Downtown Fresno.

Clarissa was born and raised in the City of Sanger, California and is a proud alumna of Sanger High School. She holds an Associates of Arts in Communications from Clovis Community College and Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Fresno.

In her free time, Clarissa enjoys being outdoors, traveling up and down California, and visiting new museums with her family and friends.

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Eduardo Gonzalez

Constituent Services Assistant

Eduardo is a Smittcamp Family Honors College student at Fresno State where he studies Political Science and Criminology.

Eduardo is a Central Valley native having graduated from Riverdale High School. He spends a lot of time working with his hometown community providing higher education outreach services. He hopes to continue giving back to his community by pursuing a career in public policy or law.

In his free time Eduardo enjoys being in the outdoors, running, and reading a good book!