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Councilmember Oliver L. Baines III

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Oliver L Baines III

Welcome to the Fresno Council District 3 webpage—connecting the community to City Hall. My goal is to maintain open communications with the residents of District 3 to respond to your concerns and ideas, to be your voice in City Hall. Together we can be a strong voice for positive change.

Council District 3 is the Heart of Fresno; a healthy and safe district makes for a better Fresno. I want to end the tale of two cities, separated by lack of understanding and negative misnomers.

As your elected representative, I’m determined to listen and implement your ideas and solutions to improve our community. I’m truly honored to represent you and will work diligently to improve our infrastructure, create job opportunities, create safer neighborhoods and most importantly focus on our youth bringing new opportunities for their success and ultimately our City’s success.

Oliver L. Baines III
Councilmember, District 3

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Councilmember Oliver L. Baines, III joined the Fresno City Council as the District Three representative in January 2011. Prior to his election to the City Council he was an officer with the Fresno Police Department for 11 years, assigned to the Problem Oriented Policing (P.O.P.) unit in the Southwest District. As an officer, Oliver has distinguished himself in the department and with his peers.

As part of his community policing philosophy, Oliver believed in holding individuals accountable for their actions if they continue to create public nuisances or disrupt our neighborhoods. Something he has taken to City Hall as a councilmember.

Oliver is compassionate for the community where he lives and works, and now serves as the district representative on the City Council. He has helped integrate parolees back into society by working with organizations such as the “Gentleman’s Club,” and by mentoring youth. As part of his commitment to combating juvenile crime, Oliver has organized basketball tournaments in low-income neighborhoods.

Because of his work Oliver has received several official honors, including a commendation and a peer commendation from the Fresno Police Department. Oliver was named Officer of the Year for the Southwest Policing District in 2008, and he has also been awarded two medals for saving lives.

Aside from his work as a public servant, Oliver co-owns AOP Embroidery, a custom embroidery business that provides services for various organizations, schools and the general community with his wife LaShawn. He also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Fresno Career Development Institute, a non-profit focused on job training and education.

Despite his busy schedule, Oliver is committed to community service. From 2006 to 2010 he served as chair of “Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back to Life“, an organization formed through a federal ‘Weed & Seed’ grant. This group helps residents of crime-ridden neighborhoods to organize themselves and to clear their streets of gangs and violence. The main outreach method is a community block party that can draw up to 1,000 people. Currently, the group hosts more than 20 such block parties each year between April and October.

Oliver helped foster “Santa’s Village” in its beginning years, an event developed so children from some of the poorest areas of Fresno could meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. Santa’s Village hosts more than 3,000 families annually from all over Fresno County, and provides children the opportunity to be photographed with Santa, a gingerbread house, food, clothing, gifts for children, and access to vendors.

Oliver has lived in Fresno for more than 20 years, Oliver and his wife have been married for more than 10 years. Their daughter Ashley, who lives in Fresno with her daughter, is a graduate of Edison High School, and currently attends California State University, Fresno.


Raymond Eddy
Chief of Staff

David Vazquez

David Vazquez

David Vazquez
Council Assistant

David Vazquez is District Three Council Assistant. Prior to becoming a Council Assistant, David was a project assistant for the Office of Community and Economic Development Center at Fresno State (OCED). Under this department, David worked in several programs under the San Joaquin Valley Rural Development Center (SJVRDC). He was a Parent University Instructor, a program designed to teach and assess basic adult education concepts and skills to the San Joaquin valley adults with school-age children. David also assisted the director of the Small business Development Center (SBDC) and provided business support and training to existing and upcoming business in the Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings Counties. David graduated in 2013 from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. Prior to working at OCED, David was an Account Coordinator at Univision Communications Inc. assisting account executives in program support. David has extensive experience in leadership development and media production.

One of David’s passions is to provide student athletes with support and resources needed in order for them to continue higher education as they follow their passion in their respective sport.

David Parades

David Parades

David Paredes
Service Aide

David Paredes is a Service Aide for District 3. After living in San Francisco for the first ten years of his life, he attended Lincoln Elementary School, Edison Computech Middle School, and Edison High School. He currently is a Fresno State attendee where he is majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy. He interned for Council District 1 as a former Maddy Institute student, he is no stranger to the local government environment. David has a deep love for West Fresno and plans on living in this district for the rest of his life.

Lauren Lima-Brown

Lauren Lima-Brown

Lauren Lima-Brown
Service Aid

Lauren Lima-Brown is a summer intern for District 3. She is currently a sophomore at California State University, Fresno. As a young member of the Fresno community, she has seen first-hand the work that needs to be done to help other members of the community. Lauren is dedicated to investing time to help be the positive change that Fresno deserves. She also plans to enter into a professional field that directly involves helping people to better their lives.

District Priorities & Accomplishments


  • Economic Development and Business Support
  • Internal Neighborhood Investment & Community Revitalization
  • Youth Program and Education:
  • Every child able to read at the third grade reading level, by the end of their third grade year.
  • Every child completes his/her education through high school ready for higher education or the workplace.
  • Job Readiness/Creation
  • Building Community Leaders
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Development of a Specific Plan for West Fresno
  • Development of a Neighborhood Targeted Hire Plan for the City of Fresno

Accomplishments 2011-Present

  • Authored Legislation to reform and provide oversight of Payday Lenders in the City of Fresno, which was supported by the City Council
  • Authored Immigration Reform Resolution supporting immediate Congressional action
  • Responded to constituent requests for pothole repairs
  • Responded to request for graffiti removal
  • Held Job Fair for more than 1,000 persons with 200 people hired through the effort
  • Supported the General Plan-A
  • Became a member of the FUSD Graduation Taskforce
  • Supported the “No on G” campaign
  • Supported permanent housing for the homeless
  • Responded to requests for streetlight repairs (including those due to copper wire theft)
  • Created the G.O.A.L. Awards, a local scholarship program. This program has awarded $30,000 in local scholarships.

Southwest (West of State Route 99/South of Highway 180)

  • Successfully obtained $750,000 to develop the Southwest Fresno Specific Planning Grant, including an Environmental Impact Report
  • Supported the Downtown Neighborhoods Plan
  • Supported the completion of the Veterans Home
  • Worked towards street improvements for Almy and Roy Avenues (estimated completion in 2015)
  • Responded to calls for illegal dumping clean-up
  • Worked to ensure that community pools remained open and free swim lessons were offered on hot summer days
  • Committed to the development of the retail space now open on Jensen Avenue between Elm Avenue and Freeway 41
  • Focused on the California Avenue Corridor, which consists of North Avenue, Freeway 41, and the southern industrial area of Northpointe, where FedEx now has its ground operation.
  • Worked to ensure the removal and cleanup of oleanders along Weber Avenue

Northwest (West of State 99/North of 180)

  • Sought State grants for planning the area west of State Route 99
  • Worked to ensure installation of traffic signals at McKinley and Marks Avenues, and McKinley and Hughes Avenues
  • Attended meetings held by Jane Addams Elementary School parents

Tower District/Downtown

  • Supported completion of the Tower Streetscape project
  • Supported the rehabilitation of the Ted C. Wills Community Center
  • Supported infill housing projects
  • Supported alley closures
  • Dealt with vacant homes Code Enforcement cases
  • Worked on possible Property-Based Improvement District with Tower District Merchants
  • Supported increased police patrols, leading to a dedicated “Tower 1” Unit Thursdays through Sundays for the 2014-2015 Budget Year
  • Secured adding Bike Officers in the Tower District (with former Councilmember Blong Xiong)
Code Violation Guide

Code Violations (559) 621-8400

  1. Car Parked On Lawn
  2. InOp In Driveway (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  3. InOp In Yard
  4. Car Over Unpaved Surface
  5. Boat Stored In Driveway
  6. Trailer Stored In Driveway
  7. Trailer Stored In Yard
  8. Boat Stored In Yard
  9. Tall Weeds, 6″ Tall
  10. Dry, Tall Weeds
  11. Vacant Unsecured House
  12. Trash In Yard
  13. Trash In Driveway
  14. Trash At Gutter
  15. Junk And Appliances In Driveway
  16. Junk And Appliances In Yard
  17. Canopy In Driveway
  18. Basketball Hoop On Sidewalk
  19. Parked Car On Sidewalk
  20. Trash And Junk In Alley
  21. Weeds, Dry, Tall In Alley
  22. Auto Repair On Property
  23. A Fence Taller Than 6 Feet Or Shorter Than 3 Feet
  24. Mobil Home In Driveway
  25. Mobil Home In Yard
  26. Yard Sale Signs on Trees, in Medians, or on Poles

Report Code Violations with FresGo

FresGo - Report an Issue

Police Violations (559) 621-8000

  1. InOp Parked In Street (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  2. Boat Stored In Street
  3. Trailer Stored In Street
  4. Basketball Hoop In Street
  5. Mobile Home Parked In Street W/Power Hooked Up

Public Works (559) 621-8650

  1. Sign Replacement/Repair
  2. Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter Repairs
  3. Tree Removal/Replacement And Trimming
  4. Street Lights
  5. Traffic Lights
  6. Standing Water

Community Sanitation Graffiti Reporting Form On-Line

  1. Graffiti Reporting (fences, trees, parks, building and signs)
Boards, Commissions, and Council Sub-committees
  • Chair of the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Fresno

  • Chair of the Governing Board of the San Joaquin Valley Air Board District

  • Council Sub-committee on Code Enforcement

  • Fresno County Zoo Authority; Mayor’s Alternate

  • Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board

  • Fresno Works (Fresno County High Speed Rail)

  • Graduation Task Force–Fresno Unified School District

  • Council Sub-committee on Transportation

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