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Welcome to the Fresno Council District 3 webpage.

It is with extreme gratitude and pride that I serve the constituents of District 3.

As your Council Member, I will seek to speak for the voiceless in our communities and work on behalf of ALL residents.

My staff and I are here to serve you. We welcome you to visit our office and attend council meetings. I hope you will join me in making District 3 and the City of Fresno a better place.

Maxie L. Parks Community Center Update

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Fresno City Councilmember President Miguel Arias represents District 3, including the Tower, West Fresno, Central and Downtown neighborhoods. He is a native of Mendota, a rural agricultural community in western Fresno County where he and his family labored in the fields as farmworkers. After graduating from Mendota High School, Mr. Arias attended California State University, Fresno where he studied Criminology and Chicano Latino Studies.  While at CSU Fresno, he accepted a position with the U.S. House of Representatives where he worked as a district representative and legislative assistant to Congressman Calvin Dooley in both the Fresno and Washington D.C. offices.  During his time in Washington D.C., Mr. Arias established an immigration education program and staffed the bipartisan House Taskforce on Immigration Reform.

In 2005, upon completing his tenure in Washington D.C. with Congressman Dooley, Mr. Arias returned to his hometown in the Central Valley. Shortly after his arrival in 2006, he was appointed and subsequently elected as a trustee of the Mendota Unified School District.  As trustee, he assisted the leadership team in improving student achievement and facilities including the construction of a new middle school and the establishment of the Westside Institute of Technology, a vocational training enter for residents in rural western Fresno County. Additionally, he served as a State delegate to the California Democratic Party and acting president for the Mendota-Firebaugh Rotary Club.

While living in Mendota, Mr. Arias assumed the position of Rural Resource Development Specialist with Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission (EOC) – one of the largest Community Action Agencies in the United States.  In this role, Mr. Arias led EOC’s efforts of creating and implementing economic development projects utilizing fallowed agricultural land.

Mr. Arias subsequently, accepted the role as Chief of Staff to Fresno City Council Member Blong Xiong. During which he initiated and implemented local, state, and federal initiatives related to the district and city. His duties also included participation in the city budget deliberations, economic development projects, and direct communications with elected officials, advocacy groups, lobbyists, and constituents on behalf of the City.

Mr. Arias has served in various senior roles within Fresno Unified School District including; Chief Information Officer, Executive Director of the Office of Constituent Services and Community and Family Services. Fresno Unified School District is the fourth largest school district in the State of California and the largest employer in the San Joaquin Valley.

Most recently, Mr. Arias served on the State Center Community College Board of Trustees from November of 2014, to November of 2018, representing Area 5. Council President Arias currently lives in Downtown with his family.

Cannabis Committee
Community Developments Block Grant Committee
Census/Redistricting Committee
Finance & Audit Committee
Fresno County Zoo Authority
Fresno EIFD Public Financing Authority
Homeless (HEAP Funding Plan) Committee
COVID Program Committee
League of California Cities
League of California Cities, Public Safety Task Force
San Joaquin Valley Special City Selection Committee
Street2Home Fresno County Board
Committee on Transportation
Measure P Committee
Project Labor Agreement Committee

Dolores Barajas

Dolores Barajas
Chief of Staff

(559) 621-7834

Ariana Martinez-Lott

Ariana Martinez-Lott
Council Assistant

Jorge Fernandez
Council Assistant

(559) 621-7833

Kimberly Tapscott-Munson
Community Engagement Consultant

(559) 243-6007

Internship Program

Fresno City Council District 3 Internship Program
Council Vice President Miguel Arias values education and believes that students bring new ideas, energy, and skills to the workforce.

Internships provide valuable work experience directly related to the student’s academic field of study. Participants will be given high-level work experience that will prepare them for permanent positions in the workforce.

E-mail the following items as a PDF packet to

  1. Complete the Councilmember Miguel Arias’ Internship Application.
  2. Provide proof of enrollment, including the number of semester units completed and most recent grade point average.
  3. Include a letter of interest.
  4. Submit 2 References (cannot be a relative).
Code Violation Guide

Code Violations (559) 621-8400

  1. Car Parked On Lawn
  2. InOp In Driveway (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  3. InOp In Yard
  4. Car Over Unpaved Surface
  5. Boat Stored In Driveway
  6. Trailer Stored In Driveway
  7. Trailer Stored In Yard
  8. Boat Stored In Yard
  9. Tall Weeds, 6″ Tall
  10. Dry, Tall Weeds
  11. Vacant Unsecured House
  12. Trash In Yard
  13. Trash In Driveway
  14. Trash At Gutter
  15. Junk And Appliances In Driveway
  16. Junk And Appliances In Yard
  17. Canopy In Driveway
  18. Basketball Hoop On Sidewalk
  19. Parked Car On Sidewalk
  20. Trash And Junk In Alley
  21. Weeds, Dry, Tall In Alley
  22. Auto Repair On Property
  23. A Fence Taller Than 6 Feet Or Shorter Than 3 Feet
  24. Mobil Home In Driveway
  25. Mobil Home In Yard
  26. Yard Sale Signs on Trees, in Medians, or on Poles

Report Code Violations with FresGo

FresGo - Report an Issue

Police Violations (559) 621-8000

  1. InOp Parked In Street (cob webs, flat tires, wrecked)
  2. Boat Stored In Street
  3. Trailer Stored In Street
  4. Basketball Hoop In Street
  5. Mobile Home Parked In Street W/Power Hooked Up

Public Works (559) 621-8650

  1. Sign Replacement/Repair
  2. Sidewalk, Curb, Gutter Repairs
  3. Tree Removal/Replacement And Trimming
  4. Street Lights
  5. Traffic Lights
  6. Standing Water

Community Sanitation Graffiti Reporting Form On-Line

  1. Graffiti Reporting (fences, trees, parks, building and signs)
Online Service Request
District 3 Online Service Request

Requestor's Information

Location/Description of Problem

Contact Councilmember Miguel Arias's Office
Contact District 3
Housing Retention Grant

Please apply online, or by the phone at (559) 621-6801. We offer language support in English, Spanish, Hmong and Punjabi

Emergency Rental Assistance Application
Police Reform Implementation Team

Now Accepting Applications to serve on the City of Fresno’s Police Reform Implementation Team that will prioritize, develop, and identify the resources to implement the Fresno Commission on Police Reform’s Recommendations.

Apply Now
Community Investments/Improvements

District 3 Community Investments

Investment in Parks in Southwest, Downtown, Central, and Belmont area of Fresno (2020-21)

  • New SW Fresno Park by the West Fresno Campus – $5.5 Million
  • Maxie Parks Community Center Clean-Up – $500,000
  • Ted C. Willis Park Improvements – $389,800
  • Mary Ella Brown & Frank H. Ball Community Center Renovations – $350,000
  • Hinton Center Restroom & Field Lighting – $250,000
  • California/Tupman Pocket Park Playground & Fencing – $225,655
  • Dickey Park Playground Renovations – $150,000
  • Fink-White Splash Park – $150,000
  • Jaswant SIngh Khalra Park & Playground and Shade Structure – $300,000
  • Re-Seeding of Jaswant Khalra Park (Previously Victoria Park) – $70,000
  • Roeding Park – Digital Self Serve Parking Pay Booth Upgrades

Afterschool Programs
Dickey, Fink-White, Frank H. Ball, Holmes Playground, Maxie L. Parks, and Ted C. Willis Community Center(s) – $666,800

Senior Meals Program
Mary Ella Brown & Ted C. Willis Community Center – $174,400\

Small Businesses in District 3

  • SOSB Grants Awarded to District 3 Businesses: 643 total jobs impacted – $855,000
  • Outdoor Dining Grants for Tower/Downtown Businesses – $305,000
  • Facade Improvements for the Kings Canyon Corridor, Chinatown & Tower District Businesses – $100,000

District 3 Community Investments


  • Hotel Fresno – $32 Million
  • South Van Ness Industrial Road Reconstruction Project – $4.4 Million
  • Mariposa Plaza – $3.9 Million
  • Wireless Parking Meters -$2 Million
  • CDBG Funding to Restore the Historic Armenia Town – $1 Millions
  • Restaurant Parklets – $125,000
  • 22 Upgraded Traffic Signal Lights in Downtown & Chinatown

Southwest Fresno

  • Fresno City College West Fresno Campus – $70 Million
  • West Fresno Park – $9 Million
  • Health Clinic – $6 Million
  • Tree Trimming in SW Fresno – $150,000
  • Uptown Housing Project
  • 295 Trees planted in SW Fresno along Arthur Ave. through TCC funds
  • 35 trees planted at Tupman Park, Kearney Triangle Park, and Chandler Park in SW Fresno

Central Fresno

  • Road Improvements, West of HWY 99 & North of HWY 180 – $2.7 Million
  • Jaswant Singh Khalra Park Playground & Shade Structure – $300,000
  • Re-seeding of Jaswant Singh Khalra Park (Previously Victoria Park) – $70,000


  • The Monarch Housing Project on F Street – $19 Million
  • Clean-up & Sanitation of Chinatown – $143,000

Tower District

  • Tower District Beautification, Street Maintenance, and Tree Trimming – $1.8 Million
  • Outdoor Dining Grants for Tower Businesses – $180,000
  • Neighborhood Tree Trimming – $150,000
  • Decorative lighting and Trash Cans

Spring Concrete by Street Maintenance Division

  • Vine-Lee-Calwa-MLK-Neighborhood (Curb Ramps, Sidewalk Repair)
  • MLK – Jensen to North Ave. Curb ramp installation
  • Clinton – Brawley to Sonora Ave. sidewalk repair
  • Palm and Franklin Ave. concrete repair
  • Amador and B St. – Curb and Gutter installation upcoming, alley reconstruction

Spring Paving by Street Maintenance Division

  • Vine – Lee – Calwa – MLK – Neighborhoods
  • Second cul-de-sac South of Jensen

Slurry Seal in Late Summer

  • West Ave., Kearney to Eden
  • Weldon/Clinton/Hanover/Brawley Neighborhood
  • Olive-Palm-Fulton-Belmont (No Broadway, Wilson, Roosevelt Neighborhood
  • Olive-Fulton-Belmont-San Pablo (No Fulton, Van Ness, San Pablo) Neighborhood
  • Olive-San Pablo-180-Blackstone Neighborhood
  • O St. – SR 41 to Tuolumne
  • Kearney – Fresno to Thorne
  • Kearney – Thorne to West

COVID-19 Relief

$52.8+ Million total in Relief for

  • Prevention, Testing & Contact Tracing
  • Housing Retention Grants
  • Assistance to Save our Small Businesses
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Outdoor Dining Grants for Small Businesses
  • Grocery Assistance for Seniors
  • Savings Arts & Culture
  • Supporting our Community Benefit Organizations