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Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Tenant Eligibility Requirements:

  • Rental Property is located in the City of Fresno
  • Tenant must meet income requirements
  • Tenant must be unable to pay the full amount of rent because of a loss of income due to COVID-19
  • Tenant must provide qualification of unemployment benefits or experience a reduction in income, incurred significant costs, or experienced other financial hardship due directly or indirectly to COVID-19
  • Tenant must provide documentation that rent areas and/or utility areas is owed
  • Tenant must complete the tenant portion of the online application

Landlord Eligibility Requirements:

  • Rental Property is located in the City of Fresno
  • Tenant must meet income requirements
  • Tenant must be unable to pay the full amount of rent because of a loss of income due to COVID-19
  • Landlord must complete the landlord portion of the online application

Budget Highlights

District One Budget Highlights

  • $1M for District One and Four’s facade improvements program for businesses and nonprofits
  • $280k for the Tower District beautification/pressure washing
  • $200K- for the conversion of the Historic Lights to LED in the Tower District and Historic Fresno High
  • $50k for the e-bike and scooter rebate program (citywide)
  • $1.9M to repave Fruit Avenue between Clinton and Dakota Avenues
  • $1.4M to replace residential streets at West Brown, between N. Hughes Avenue, N, Crystal Avenue and W. Cornell Avenue
  • $1M to replace Echo Avenue between McKinley and Olive Avenues
  • $1.6M for the reconstruction of Quigley Park
  • $203k for multi-use court at Lions Park
  • 100k for Security Cameras for small businesses (citywide)

City-Wide Budget Highlights

  • $1.7M for a dedicated pothole crew
  • $28.8M for conversion of buildings into permanent/interim housing
  • $3.6M for the demolition of current structure on site, the design and operating costs of a new citywide senior center located at 4343 N. Blackstone
  • Zero fare FAX bus rides for seniors, children, students, veterans and active military and disability riders

Public Safety Budget Highlights

  • $128k to equip all fire rigs with ballistic vests and helmets
  • $100k for project spotlight to combat retail crimes
  • 900 police officers: 12 new positions, totaling a historic number of sworn police officers
  • Fire Station 12: Approval for construction of Fire Station 12 on Ashlan and Valentine Avenues
  • 911 call center: approval for construction of a new 911 call center
  • 8 new ER dispatch positions
  • 375 firefighters: 4 new additional firefighter positions totaling 375 firefighters

LGBTQ+ Budget Highlights

  • $100k for the EOC LGBTQ+ Center
  • $100k for the grant program for local LGBTQ+ organizations and non-profits
  • Newly created LGBTQ+ Liaison: new position added to the Office of Community Affairs

Lawn to Garden Rebate

A $1.00 per square foot rebate is available for the removal of existing lawns when replaced with water-efficient landscapes. The rebate amount is based on the square footage of lawn removed and replaced, up to a maximum of 1,500 square feet.

Many people believe that stunning gardens and beautiful yards are only possible through extensive watering, fertilization, and pesticide application. However, eye-catching gardens and landscapes are easily achieved by employing water-efficient landscaping. These landscapes can help to save water, protect the environment, and require less maintenance than traditional landscapes centered around large lawns.

The Water Conservation Program requires that customers request a Water-Wise Landscape Consultation prior to removing a lawn for the Lawn to Garden rebate. This free service is provided by the Water Conservation Program and includes recommendations for water-wise plants suitable for the Fresno area, irrigation installation, and lawn removal. Customers may request this service through the FresGO app or by calling the City of Fresno’s 311 Center at (559) 621-CITY or by dialing 3-1-1 within City limits.

Lawn to Garden Application

Log into the WaterWeb Customer Portal to begin your application.

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