Fresgo References

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Illegal Firework Activity

For life-threatening emergencies call 911. Use this to report any activity involving illegal fireworks.

Code Violations on Private Property

Report vehicle on an unpaved surface, inoperable vehicles in the driveway, etc. Not for issues in the street or gutter.


To report graffiti to take a photograph, complete the form and submit the request. If you are witnessing the act in progress then call 911.

Parking Meter

Report a parking meter issue.

Boat, Trailer, RV, Semi: On street storage

Report on-street storage of Boat, Trailer, RV and Semi Truck here. Please report any other vehicle parked on the street for more than 72 hours under ‘Abandoned Vehicle on Street\72 hours’. Also, report all vehicles on residential private property to code enforcement. For illegally parked vehicles, i.e. blocking a fire hydrant, causing traffic hazards, and Disabled parking violations, please call (559) 621-CITY (2489).

A vehicle parked on street over 72 hours

Use this request to report vehicles that have not moved for an extended period of time. Please use “Boat, trailer, RV, semi parked over 24 hours” for those type of requests. For vehicles off-street, please use “Code Violations on Private Property.” For other parking and safety violations, please dial 311.

Water Operation

Report non-emergency issues here such as fire hydrant leaks, meter leaks or leaks in the street, etc.

Water Conservation Services

Water conservation services are by appointment only. We will call to set the appointment date/time.

Report Water Waste

Report a water waste issue here. For time-sensitive requests and after hour emergencies call (559) 621-CITY (2489).

Water Quality Inquiry

Please enter ANY of your home water quality issues here, such as Discoloration, Taste, Odor, etc.

Street Lighting

Street Lights maintained by the City are along public roadways.  If you are witnessing street light tampering in progress call- 911. If wires are exposed or the box is open call (559) 621-CITY (2489).

Street Trees

Street Trees are located along public roadways in medians and between the road and the sidewalk along many City of Fresno streets.

Street Sweeping

For more information about the sweeping schedule or program visit the website at or FresGo widget.

Traffic Signal

If you are witnessing a signal that is out (dark no indicator lights), flashing red in all directions, has a pole down or is leaning over, then immediately call (559) 621-CITY (2489).

Traffic Signs and Roadway Striping

Report a traffic sign and roadway marking issue here.


Report a pothole issue on a public street. Call (559) 621-CITY (2489) for immediate dispatch for potholes that are larger than 3 feet.

Blocked Roadway/Sidewalk

Report debris, spills, and emergency traffic hazards to our 24-hour crew (excluding illegally dumped items in front of a residence or property).

Concrete – Sidewalk and Curb/Gutter

Report sidewalks, curbs, or gutters that are raises or sinking, and standing water in the gutter.

City Maintained Landscape

The City maintains a variety of landscapes along public roadways and at selected City facilities.  Use this category to report problems in these public landscapes.

Illegal Dumping / Litter

Report trash and debris that has been left outside.

Missed Pickup

Report a missed pickup service for Gray or Blue or Green. Be advised services can be performed anytime during the day. Please do not report missed pickups prior to 3 pm on your assigned pickup day.

Broken Container

Request a repair for a broken container, lid or wheels.

Operation Cleanup

Report Operation Clean Up trash and debris issue.

Parks and Recreation

Report park repairs, safety or maintenance issues at Parks, as well as concerns regarding recreational programs.

Bus Stop/Shelter Issue

Bus Stop/Shelter Issue (Use to report issues at Bus Stops and Shelters such as graffiti, debris, lighting issues and trash receptacles that need attention).

Sewer/Collection System Maintenance

Enter sewer system related issues: mainline clogs, overflows from clean outs and manhole access cover related, such as: overflows, odor, roach control, missing, misaligned and broken covers.