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Fares & Passes

Cash, tokens, passes and transfers can be used on all buses.Fare Box

If you use cash, exact fare is recommended because the fareboxes do not make change. Instead, you will receive a change card that can be used on future rides.  Change cards cannot be redeemed for cash and will not be issued for values less than 25¢.  Please have your fare ready when the bus arrives. The farebox accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.

Fares & Transfers

Route Buses

Fare Cost
Base Cash Fare $1.25
Senior .60¢
Disabled Fare .60¢
Medicare Cardholder Fare .60¢
Children (under age 6)
(maximum of 4 children)
Tokens (Singles) $1.25
Tokens (20 Token Roll) $22.50
Tokens (50 Token Roll) $55.00

Correct identification required for all discount fares. Children must be accompanied by fare paying family member.

Discount tokens are available at the Manchester Transit Center located at the corner of Blackstone & Dayton.

Transfers are free with a full paid fare, and allow you to transfer  to two additional buses in order to complete your one-way trip. Bus transfers can be made only where routes intersect, and are not valid for layovers or return trips. Transfers must be requested at the time of boarding and remain valid 90 minutes from  the time issued.  When transferring between Clovis Stageline and FAX, only one transfer will be allowed.

Handy Ride

Fare Cost
ADA Eligible Individual Per Ride Fare $1.50
Companion $1.50
Personal Care Attendant Free
Monthly Passes
Item Cost
Metro Pass
Unlimited rides on FAX and Clovis Stageline
65 years or older
Special Rider $24.00
Disabled/Medicare $24.00
Handy Ride
Valid for up to 60 rides per month per individual
Schedule Guide .25¢
Replacement I.D. $3.00

Senior and Special Rider (Disabled) fares and passes require proper identification. Click here to view Acceptable Types of I.D.

Acceptable Types of I.D.

Pass Outlets
In addition to the FAX offices, monthly passes may be purchased at various locations throughout the community. View Pass Outlets.

Purchase By Mail

In addition to the FAX offices, monthly passes may be purchased by mail.

Monthly passes can be mailed directly to your home when purchased in advance.

  1. Complete the Mail Order Form
  2. Send a check or money order payable to CITY OF FRESNO
  3. Please allow approximately 10 days for processing and mailing delivery
  4. Pay for up to 3 monthly passes per order