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Director's Message

A Message from the Director of Transportation

A Message from the Director of Transportation

Bruce Rudd

Bruce Rudd Interim Director of Transportation

The department’s mission is to provide a comprehensive public transportation system that improves the quality of life in its community. Fresno Area Express (FAX) strives to provide personal mobility and freedom for people from every walk of life. Access to public transportation gives people options to engage in social, educational, recreational, and community activities.

FAX is changing! FAX is improving our services, as well as enhancing our passenger amenities to better serve our riding public. As you know, Manchester and Courthouse Park were two very old facilities that did not reflect well on FAX or the city of Fresno. You tolerated those old shelters longer than you should, we are grateful for your patience.  We have torn down those old shelters to make way for new great looking and highly functional transit stations.

This year we are investing over $2 million to improve Manchester Transit Center and A, B and L shelters. In renovating these locations we unfortunately had to create alternate pick up and drop off locations. We recognize the inconvenience caused by the renovation but assure you we are working as fast as possible to finish remodeling both locations. In addition to an improved look at both Courthouse Park and Manchester Transit Center, lighting at both locations will make for improved security. We are confident you will be impressed with the new and improved Manchester Transit Center and Courthouse Park shelters.

In addition to investing in our infrastructure, we are investing in service improvements. We have hired additional supervisors to improve service delivery. We are using up to date strategies to improve on time performance.  By the end of 2017, there will be 34 buses that are less than two years old (almost a third of our fleet).   The overall work force is energized and focused on our wonderful customers.

The Department of Public Transportation has two principal services.  It offers 16 fixed-route bus lines and Handy Ride demand-response service for people with disabilities.  All designed to help passengers get wherever they want to go!

FAX is operated by the City of Fresno as a public service to all the citizens and visitors of Fresno.  FAX is the largest mass public transportation provider in the San Joaquin Valley and provided more than 10.6 million fixed-route and 200,000 demand-response passenger trips in FY 2016. Keeping things running smoothly at FAX requires the expertise of 381 dedicated employees.

FAX takes pride in serving the greater Fresno Metropolitan Area with a modern, clean and green fleet of over 100 buses.  FAX has made significant progress in this regard through alternatively fueled vehicles, installation of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station, onsite solar panels, and its own wastewater filtration system. Be assured FAX is working to capitalize on every opportunity to build on environmental efforts, as well as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of services and daily business practices.

The safety and security of FAX customers also continues to be a major priority. FAX participates with the Fresno Police Department in video policing throughout the city. New cameras aboard the buses and at stations protect FAX riders and employees. FAX employs a special police unit to address safety and security issues. FAX continues to add more shelters with lighting, improved signage, and more benches.  Nine police officers circulate the route system and ensure the system remains pleasing and safe.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the FAX website! Your journey with FAX is important to me and all FAX employees.


Bruce Rudd
Interim Director of Transportation

A Message from the Assistant Director of Transportation

A Message from the Assistant Director of Transportation

Gregory A. Barfield

Gregory A. Barfield Assistant Director

Welcome to the Department of Transportation Operations, Planning, Support Services, and Community Relations page.

As the assistant director, it is my team’s pleasure to ensure the transit service you depend on is running smoothly and effectively to serve you.

With the operation of fixed-route service, FAX 15, Handy Ride, extended night service and enhanced weekend service, the remodeling of the Manchester Transit Center and the Courthouse Park shelters (A, B, and L), we are excited to serve you and bring new features to better enhance your service riding FAX.

At the Department of Transportation, WE ARE CHANGING!