Department of Public Works

Streets and Landscape Maintenance

Streets and Landscape Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division provides high quality and cost effective maintenance of our city streets, concrete infrastructure, lighting, and urban forestry.

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Concrete Maintenance

As neighborhoods age, existing concrete infrastructure can feel the strain of time. It is the Street Maintenance Division’s Concrete Crews that take whole neighborhoods at a time and repair these damaged infrastructures.

Sidewalk Patching
It is policy of the Street Maintenance Division to repair locations by whole neighborhoods at a time. Until then to keep walkways safe, Street Maintenance will place down a temporary patch to keep any raise from becoming a tripping hazard.
Sidewalk, Curb, and Gutter Replacement

Sidewalks, curbs and gutters are replaced as needed from one edge of a neighborhood to the other. Street Maintenance works with homeowners as best as possible during renovation but during that time it may be necessary to shut water off to the sprinkler system temporarily.

In accordance with the Fresno Municipal Code  Section 13-217, the COF assigns responsibility for sidewalk maintenance to the fronting property owner. The property owner is not responsible for the repair of the sidewalk fronting his or her property when the damage is caused by City tree.

Curb Ramps
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Fresno regularly replaces non-compliant curb ramps as needed to ensure those that need these ramps have mobility in the city.

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Road Maintenance

Pothole and Sinkhole Repair
Street Maintenance crews repair potholes that form in the stree from traffic and water erosion.  When reporting potholes, provide specific location details so the pothole can be repaired as fast as possible.
Traffic Hazard Clearing

Street Maintenance crews are available 24 hours a day to respond to debris, spills, and other major traffic hazards to ensure traffic can safely pass. Crews do not pick up illegal dumping in front of a residence or property and only clear the pathway for traffic. Report items that are dumped illegally and are not traffic hazards by calling (559) 621-CITY.

Maintaining Storm Drains and City Ponding Basins
With debris in gutters, drain inlets sometimes get clogged and begin to flood the surrounding areas. The Street Maintenance Division has the equipment to clear the city’s drains and ensure inlets are clean to receive water. Street Maintenance also maintains certain city ponding basins.

Overlay and Slurry
The Street Maintenance Division has a limited street overlay program for resurfacing roadways on major streets. Slurry seal may also be used to extend the life of the roadway

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Lighting and Signals

Street Maintenance’s Street Light crews ensure that traffic signals are working and that the roads in Fresno are illuminated.

Traffic Signals
Street Maintenance maintains traffic signals so that there is safe traffic flow in the city of Fresno. Crews respond to lights flashing red, signals not detecting traffic, and other signal malfunctions and are available 24 hours a day.

Street Lights
Street maintenance utilizes public reports of street light outages for maintaining street lights. When reporting a street light problem be prepared with the following information:

  • Location of the street light
  • 3 to 6 digit number facing the street about 8 feet up the street light pole
  • How the street light is malfunctioning
  • Your name and phone number in case of any questions.

If you wish to report a traffic signal or street light outage call (559) 621-CITY.

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Street Sweeping

The Streets Division operates mechanical street sweepers, which are designed to pick up trash and debris, rather than fully washing a street. Mechanical sweepers are quieter than a vacuum sweeper. They pick up larger pieces of debris and spray small amounts of water for dust control purposes.
Street Sweeping Schedule

  • Residential areas are swept once every month.
  • Arterial streets are swept once per week and at night.
  • Major streets are swept once per week during the evenings and weekends.
  • Downtown  is swept three times per week at nights and weekends.

Residents are asked to move motor homes and cars off the street on their scheduled day, between 6:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

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Street Sweeping FAQ

Why wasn’t sweeping completed in front of my home?
There are many reasons why the sweeper may not have been able to remove debris from your street. Common reasons include vehicles parked too close to each other for the sweeper to maneuver between, low-hanging trees and shrubs, and miscellaneous items blocking the roadway such as cars, bicycles, toys, basketball hoops and refuse containers.

What can I do to help street sweepers?
Keeping the roadway in front of your house free of large objects and obstructions is the best way to assist street sweeping. Large sticks, branches and pine needles will clog and jam the sweepers’ operating systems.

Does the City sweep up leaves?
During the winter months the focus of the City’s street sweeping efforts is leaf removal to help keep drains clear. To better assist sweepers, do not rake, blow, or pile up leaves. The sweeper cannot pick up large loads and debris will be left for you to remove. Please place leaves from your trees in your green solid waste-recycling container.

What safety precautions should I take near sweepers?
Be sure to keep a safe distance between you and the sweeper at all times. Try to avoid maneuvering around sweeper trucks; move off to the side of the road until you are sure it is safe to continue. Keep children a safe distance from the sweepers. Do not ride, run or play near the trucks.

Traffic Paint & Sign

The Street Maintenance Division’s Paint and Sign crews make sure all roadway paint—crosswalks, turn lanes, painted curbs, etc.—and all traffic signs—stop signs, no parking signs, street name signs, etc.—are visible for the public to safely travel.

Signs Down
Signs can fall due to high winds, vandalism, or accidents. Upon notification, crews can be dispatched as soon as possible to restand, or replace any traffic signs that are down.

The paint used to make traffic signs can be damaged when normal graffiti removal techniques are used. While any other graffiti is handled by the graffiti abatement department, traffic signs are handled by the sign crew.
Traffic Paint

Over time, paint fades and could use a fresh coat. Conditions permitting, crews are able to refresh the look of worn out crosswalks, lane controls, and curb painting. Street Maintenance’s Paint and Sign crew only repaints what is already there.

To report any issues with roadway paint or city signs call (559) 621-CITY.

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Street Trees

Fresno’s urban forest refers to all trees and vegetation within the urban area, both public and private. Generally, only about 20 percent of the urban forest is comprised of public trees. The vast majority is under private care in residential yards. Our focus is on planting, protecting, and maintaining trees located in the city right-of-way, parks and public spaces, including:

  • Plant, maintain, prune and remove public City street trees
  • Issue permits to prune and or remove public City street trees
  • Review pre-development plans and landscape plans that involve public trees

A “City street tree” is a tree planted in the City right of way, typically in landscape strips between the curb and the front of the sidewalk or in an otherwise dedicated planting area within the City right-of-way.

Crews are available 24 hours a day for all tree emergencies such as limbs down, broken and hanging limbs, split trees, down trees and other street tree events that require immediate attention. To request emergency service please call (559) 621-CITY.

Tree Trimming
Street Tree crews trim all street trees in the City of Fresno by square 1/4 mile sections at a time. With over 400 sections it takes tree crews more than 16 years to trim the entire city one time.

Homeowners may trim away any limbs that can be reached from the ground without the use of a ladder or chainsaw. Pole pruners and loppers are acceptable tools for homeowners to use for pruning trees

If Homeowner wishes to have a tree completely trimmed out of trim cycle, they may do so by obtaining a free permit or by requesting one be mailed to you by calling (559) 621-CITY. The work performed must be done by a licensed tree trimmer. All costs of the out of scheduled trim are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Root Removal
The City of Fresno does not have a root pruning program in place for street trees. If the homeowner wishes to, they may remove any roots further than four feet from the trunk or any roots that enter the private property without permit. Root problems that exist in sewer or water lateral lines are the homeowner’s responsibility to clear.

Tree Removals
Street Trees are protected by Fresno Municipal Code (F.M.C. 11-305) and cannot be removed unless the street tree is dead, over 50% dying, or posing as an immediate hazard such as splitting down the trunk or falling over. Street trees that do not meet removal criteria cannot be removed in replacement for another tree. Street Trees may not be removed due to roots obstructing sewer or water lines. Homeowners may conduct root pruning to clear any root obstruction issues

If Street Maintenance determines that a street tree does meet removal criteria, it will be removed at no expense to the homeowner. If the homeowner wishes not to wait for crews to remove a street tree that meets removal criteria, a permit can be obtained by contacting (559) 621-CITY. Please note that removal must be completed by a licensed contractor and at homeowner’s expense.

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Median, Trail, Park, and Buffer Maintenance

Street Maintenance maintains median islands and buffers about every 90 days. For certain major arterial median islands, maintenance occurs more often, about every 60 days.

Regular maintenance includes weed abatement and litter control. Manual labor and a variety of weed abatement methods are used to assist with keeping the weeds tame throughout the year.

As crews maintain median islands or buffers, low tree limbs may be removed to keep traffic and pedestrians safe. Any tree limbs entering private property will not be trimmed by the city and considered the responsibility of the homeowner to trim.

Consistent with the Governor’s order, irrigation to turf medians has been discontinued effective June 2015.

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