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Fulton Street Pedestrian Scramble

A pedestrian scramble is a type of traffic signal movement that temporarily stops all vehicular traffic, thereby allowing pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction, including diagonally, at the same time. The 1-page document below shows how to safely use a pedestrian scramble.

Senate Bill 1 Projects

The City of Fresno is using Senate Bill 1 revenues to repave streets and improve road safety, following a prioritized project list adopted by the Fresno City Council, to bring infrastructure improvements to our communities.

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What is Senate Bill 1 (SB 1)?
On April 28, 2017, SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 was signed into law by the Governor and established a newly created “Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account” (RMRA). Funding for SB1 comes from increases in per gallon fuel excise taxes, diesel fuel sales taxes, and vehicle registration fees. RMRA will provide an estimated $54 billion statewide over the next decade to address deferred maintenance needs on both the state highway system and local road systems. RMRA will provide an estimated $1.5 billion annually to cities and counties for maintenance and rehabilitation of local streets and roads. The City of Fresno is projected to receive $3 million in the 2017-18 fiscal year and $8.8 million for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Upcoming and Recent SB1 Projects
Slurry seal treatment to extend the life of neighborhood and collector streets:

  • Hughes Ave, Weber to Shields
  • Vista-Polk-San Gabriel-Santa Ana Neighborhood
  • Polk-Barcus-Gettysburg-Rialto Neighborhood
  • Ashcroft-Norwich-Carnegie-Polk Neighborhood
  • Island Water Park/Parkway Drive, Shaw to Veterans
  • Keats-Barstow-Rosalia-Contessa Neighborhood
  • Thorne Ave, Whitesbridge to California
  • Clinton Way, Chestnut to McKinley
  • Maple Ave, Gettysburg to Shaw
  • Barstow Ave, Fresno to First
  • Sunnyside, California to Jensen
  • Maple-Hayston-Church-Byrd Neighborhood
  • Chestnut Ave, Copper to Sommerville
  • Nees-El Paso-Matus-Laureen Neighborhood
  • Clinton-Shields-Blackstone-41 Neighborhood
  • Dakota Ave, Blackstone to Fresno

Repaving projects & concrete repairs:

  • Dakota Ave east of Cornelia
  • West Ave Overlay, Olive to Golden State
  • Orangewood south of Hamilton concrete repairs
  • Lansing, Blackstone to Glenn concrete repairs
  • Dayton & Third concrete repairs
  • Hamilton Ave between Chestnut & Winery
  • Winery Overlay, Butler to Hamilton
  • Hughes Ave Street Improvements and Sidewalks, Hedges to Floradora
  • Blackstone Ave Overlay, Shaw to Ashlan
  • Clinton Ave Overlay, Blackstone to Maroa
  • Shields Ave Overlay, Sunnyside to Fowler

Safety improvement projects:

  • Belmont and Fulton, Traffic Signal Improvements

Upcoming 2018-19 SB1 Projects
Slurry seal treatment to extend the life of neighborhood and collector streets:

  • Emerson, West to Marks
  • Hughes, Shields to Dakota
  • Barstow, First to Millbrook
  • Olive, Fresno to Clovis
  • Cedar-Jackson-Jensen-Church Neighborhood
  • Lane-Kings Canyon-Maple Neighborhood

Repaving projects and concrete repairs:

  • North Ave Elm to Fig
  • North & Fig Improvements
  • Bridge Deck Rehab Phase 2
  • Hughes Ave Overlay, Ashlan to Emerson
  • West (east side) south of Clinton (concrete)
  • West Ave (west side) Ashlan to Griffith (concrete)
  • Shields east of Valentine (concrete)
  • Marks Ave Overlay, Ashlan to Dakota
  • Bullard/Brawley/Calimyrna/Marty Neighborhood (concrete)
  • Sierra Overlay, Blackstone to Maroa (City/County joint project)
  • Bluff Overlay, Van Ness to the easterly limit
  • Second St-Jensen Ave Frontage Rd-Fourth-Date Ave
  • Channing Overlay, West to Kearney
  • Hazelwood Overlay, Ventura to Butler
  • Helm, Belmont to Harvey (City/County joint project)
  • Cedar Ave Overlay, Barstow to Bullard
  • Dakota-Hampton-Millbrook-Ninth Neighborhood
  • Clay Overlay, Peach to City/County limit
  • Lane-Kings Canyon-Maple Neighborhood (concrete repairs)
  • Nees Ave Overlay, Fresno to Millbrook
  • Chestnut Ave Overlay, Bullard to Herndon
  • Bullard-Sierra-Millbrook-Cedar Neighborhood (concrete)
  • El Paso-Angus Overlay, Fresno to Nees connector
  • Maroa Ave Overlay, Dakota to Ashlan (City/County joint project)
  • Maple Ave Overlay, Olive to Belmont

Safety improvement projects:

  • Tulare and “Q” Street Traffic Signal
  • Harrison and Shields Traffic Signal
  • Barstow and Palm Traffic Signal Left-Turn Phasing
  • California and Walnut Traffic Signal
  • Armstrong and Lane Traffic Signal
  • Clinton and Fresno Traffic Signal Left-Turn Phasing

Veterans Boulevard

A Regionally Significant Interchange, Extension and Grade Separation Project


The City of Fresno is applying for funding from the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) program to construct phases three and four of the Veterans Boulevard project. Veterans Boulevard is a regionally significant project which will improve traffic capacity and enhance traffic operations and mobility in California’s Central Valley along State Route 99 (SR-99). A major route in the most productive agricultural region in the world, SR-99 is critical to the economic vitality of the City and region.

Constructing the project has many benefits for the community, including: travel time savings, improved quality of life and an increase in multimodal travel. Veterans Boulevard can move rapidly to construction following award from the BUILD program.

BUILD Application Documents

BUILD Application Narrative


1 – Veterans Boulevard Map – Overall
1.1 – Veterans Boulevard – Phase One Bullard Extension Map
1.2 – Veterans Boulevard – Phase Two Grade Separation
1.3 – Veterans Boulevard – Phase Three Interchange
1.4 – Veterans Boulevard – Phase Four Extension
1.5 – Veterans Boulevard – Phase Five Trail
2 -Funding Sources and Uses Workbook
3 – Environmental Impact Report – 2013
4 – Veterans Boulevard Project Report – 2013
5 – City of Fresno General Plan Land Use and Circulation Map
6 – Benefit-Cost Analysis
6.1  – Benefit-Cost Analysis Technical Report
7 – California Freight Rail System Map
8 – National Highways Freight Network SR-99
9 – Shovel Ready Critical Freight Network Project Map
10 – California Department of Transportation Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan
11 – California State Highways Freight Planning Fact Sheet
12 – California Freight Mobility Plan Excerpt
13 – FHWA Major Freight Corridors
14 – Global Gateways Development Program Final Report
15 – Global Trade Priority Gateways Map
16 – Veterans Trail Regional Connectivity Map
17 – CalEnviroScreen Map
18 – Caltrans Cooperative Agreement
19 – High-Speed Rail Veterans Boulevard Agreement
20 – State Transportation Improvement Program – 2018
21 – Federal Transportation Improvement Program – 2017
22 – Fresno Council of Governments Regional Transportation Plan – 2014
23 – Route 99 Corridor Business Plan – 2013
24 – Measure C Expenditure Plan – 2006

Blackstone Avenue Overlay

The Blackstone Avenue Overlay project will tentatively begin construction in September 2018. The project area is all six travel lanes and turn lanes along Blackstone Avenue between Shaw Avenue and Ashlan Avenue. The work will consist of grinding and reconstructing existing pavement and an overlay of AC pavement.

Existing conditions on Blackstone Avenue

Existing conditions on Blackstone Avenue

Project Limits: Blackstone Avenue from Shaw Avenue to Ashlan Avenue
Net Length: 1 mile
Work Description: Grind 0.2 feet of pavement, reconstruction areas of extreme pavement degradation and overlay with 0.2 feet of AC pavement for all six travel lanes (three north-bound and three south-bound lanes), including turn lanes, along Blackstone Avenue between Shaw Avenue and Ashlan Avenue.