Capital Improvement Projects around schools

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City of Fresno Capital Improvement Projects Near Schools

Capital Improvement Projects can include new sidewalks where there were none, the addition of bike lanes, crosswalks, traffic signals, HAWKS, street lights and other safety improvements.


Capital Improvement Projects
and Schools Benefitting

  • Polk Avenue Street Reconstruction & Traffic Signal – Shaw to Gettysburg – Teague Elementary TS Completed, In Design, ROW 
  • Webster Neighborhood Canal Barricade – Webster Elementary Under Construction 
  • TCC Fresno City College Satellite Campus Trail – Gaston Elementary In Design 
  • Traffic Signal, Crosswalks, McKinley & San Pablo – Heaton Elementary, FCC Under Construction 
  • Traffic Signal, Crosswalks, Palm and Dennet – Muir Elementary Under Construction 
  • Traffic Signal, Crosswalks Blackstone and Webster – Susan B. Anthony Elementary Under Construction 
  • Floradora Complete Sidewalks Yosemite Middle School In Design 
  • Muir Elementary Safe Routes to School Sidewalks Under Construction 
  • McKinley and Blythe Traffic Signal, Left Turn Phasing, Crosswalks – McKinley Elementary In Design 
  • Barton & Florence Sidewalks – Calwa Completed 
  • Fresno & Browning Traffic Signal, Crosswalks – Robinson Elementary Under Construction 
  • Tulare Complete Streets 6th to Cedar Sidewalks, Bike Lanes, Lighting – Jackson and Rowell Elementary Construction starting soon 
  • Ericson Elementary Neighborhood Reconstruction ADA Improvements, Paving Completed 
  • Palm / Belmont Class IV – Fresno High, John Muir, Hamilton Elementary Completed 
  • Amador/Trinity and Church/Waldby Traffic Signal, Crosswalks – Columbia Elementary, Story Elementary, Phoenix Secondary School Design Almost Complete Construction Spring 2024 
  • Cedar and Teague Traffic Signal, Left Turn Phasing – Clovis West, Fort Washington Elementary, Maple Creek Elementary In Construction 
  • Barstow Bond Traffic Signal Hoover High In Design 
  • Chestnut Weldon Traffic Signal/ Scramble Ericson Elementary 
  • AB617 Truck Reroute Study – Multiple Schools In process Completion March 2024 
  • Active Transportation Plan (ATP) In Process 12-Month Schedule 
  • Vision Zero Action Plan In Process 18 Month Completion 
  • Cedar Avenue Complete Streets Calwa In Design 
  • Citywide Pedestrian Countdown Heads – Replacing old technology with countdown technology when crossing a street – all schools Almost completed 
  • First – Olive to Ventura – Winchell Elementary, Rowell Elementary, Tehipiti Middle School Completed 
  • First – Tulare to Olive – Winchell Elementary, Rowell Elementary, Tehipiti Middle School In Design 
  • Butler & 8th Traffic Signal, Crosswalks, Sidewalks – Winchell Elementary Construction about to start 
  • Ashlan, Hayes to Cornelia Sidewalks, Bikelanes – Teague Elementary In Design 
  • Midtown Trail Blackstone to Clovis Avenue – Multiple Schools Sections 1, 3, 5 Complete 
  • Veterans Boulevard Interchange, Trail, Bicycle Facilities, ADA Features – Multiple Schools in Central Unified Completed 
  • Clinton & Valentine Traffic Signal – Hanh Phan Tilley Elementary Under Construction
  • Orange and Central Traffic Signal – Washington Union, Orange Center Under Construction  
  • Fancher Creek Trail Clovis to Fowler – Fancher Creek Elementary In Design 
  • Armstrong & Lane Traffic Signal – Wash Elementary Completed 
  • MLK Center Active Transportation Infrastructure Trails, Class II Bike Lanes, Sidewalks – Gaston Middle School, West Fresno Middle School and Elementary, Ivy EOC In Design 
  • Peach Avenue Butler to Florence Bike Lanes, Sidewalks – Sunnyside High, Ayer Elementary, Greenburg Elementary Construction starting soon 
  • Fresno Street B Street to Friant Countdown Heads – Multiple Schools FUSD/CUSD Under Construction 
  • Bakman Elementary Neighborhood ADA Improvements, Sidewalks In Design 
  • Blackstone McKinley to Shields Bike Lanes – Heaton Elementary, FCC , Design Science Middle College High In Design 
  • West & Sierra Left Turn Phasing Star Elementary Completed 
  • Hughes & Shields Left Turn Phasing Homan 
  • Abby – Divisadero to Olive Bike Lanes Webster Elementary, JE Young Complete
  • Barstow Class IV Bike Lane – Hoover High, Robinson Elementary Almost Complete  
  • California Complete Streets Class IV, Street Lights Edison High Design starting soon 


  • California Ave – Edison High Design
    starting soon 
  • First & Home – Mayfair Elementary, San Joaquin Memorial In Design
  • Peach & McKenzie Trail – Kings Canyon Middle School, Easterby Elementary
    Under Construction 
  • Grantland & Herndon – Herndon Barstow 
  • McKinley & Lafayette – Addams Elementary In Design 
  • Fresno & Thomas – Webster Elementary Under Construction 
  • Fresno & San Jose – Robinson Elementary Under Construction 
  • First & Dovewood – Hoover Under Construction 
  • Abby & Clay – Webster 
  • Abby & Harvey – JE Young 


  • Donner & Millbrook – Thomas Elementary In Design 
  • Alluvial & Sierra Vista – Mountain View Elementary In Design 
  • Browning & Maroa – St. Anthony Elementary, Baird Middle School In Design 

Operational Safety Projects

Operational projects such as installing crosswalks repainting crosswalks,
signage installation and other safety improvements. 

Work completed school sites below:

  • Burroughs
  • Lane
  • Leavenworth
  • Lowell
  • Robinson
  • Rowell
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Tehipite
  • Vang Pao
  • Robinson
  • Webster
  • Winchell
  • Scandinavian Middle 
  • Nelson 
  • Kirk 
  • Hoover 
  • Aspen Ridge 

These work orders include:

  • Added signage
  • High visibility crosswalks 
  • Contacting PD for Speeding
  • No U-Turn Signs 
  • Contacting Parking Division about double parking