Disability Advisory Commission (DAC)

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The City of Fresno, Disability Advisory Commission (DAC) was created to improve the quality of life for the disabled community in our area.  The Commission will increase the public’s awareness of the strengths and successes of people with disabilities by actively participating in community activities and events which incorporate diverse perspectives.  The DAC will work to ensure that all citizens with disabilities have equal access to resources and services that provide opportunities for education and employability.


To fulfill this vision, the DAC will:

  1. Create and partner with committees and advisory councils
  2. Establish a protocol and partnership for working with City of Fresno Departments
  3. Serve as a liaison to and seek partnerships with community organizations
  4. Actively communicate the success of the disabled community
  5. Work with City Council and the Mayor’s Office to advise the City on relevant policy issues
  6. Participate in community education and awareness events